Fresh Air

So today was a breath of fresh air. The sun came out to greet us with one of what could be the last of summer days. (I guess Fall makes it’s official arrival on Friday at 5am!)
I took G for a lovely walk around Meshanticut “Lake” as we call it around Cranston. The geese were playing and swimming around, ducks quacking here and there, and plenty of squirrels stashing their goods for the upcoming Winter. (Which I hear may be quite snowy!)
Not too many people walk the path around the lake which I find pleasant. Today there were a couple of other moms pushing their strollers and a few of the older folks. Everyone who walks here is pleasant and you get to known the regulars. I went alone today (no dog and no hubby) and I always feel perfectly safe. Occasionally a car will pass through but no one drives too fast and cars aren’t allowed on most of the path.
It’s funny because when I tell my parents friends or other relatives they always remark how they haven’t been there in years and how it was where they went “parking”!!! 🙂
Well, hopefully this won’t be the last of the warmer days. I’m sure it will be equally as enjoyable to walk the “lake” come Fall.



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