6 days and counting…!

Yesterday I drove here there and back again ordering balloons, buying more supplies for cooking, and searching for a winter hat and gloves for my GiGi due to the snow and brutally cold weather forecasted. Mama wasn’t prepared for it to be this cold this early! Annnnnd, her birthday outfit was ready at GiGi’s Glitzy Boutique so I picked that up too!
So today we are in the mist of a Nor’easter and good thing because I have been in the kitchen ALL day.

I cooked four trays of lasagna and about 100 meatballs. My back aches, but I know the guests at Gabriella’s birthday party will be well fed. Mangia!!
Tomorrow I am giving myself the day off to go visiting our families so that they can all see GiGi dressed up for Halloween. Here is hoping for better weather on Sunday.
The last items on my list for next week are decorating all 40 owl cookies, decorating my parents house for the party, and last but not least making a truck load of calzones.
Maybe I’ll fit in some time to get a manicure and buy a new outfit. :)
To be continued…
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