Handprint Canvas “Cards”

October is such a busy birthday month for our families. The most important two birthdays to DH and I are our dads. Their birthdays are just eight days apart.

This year, rather than getting them the stand-by Hallmark card, I wanted to give them each something special from Gabriella. So, I took inspiration from a mom friend of mine and got my creative juices flowing.

Where do you go when you want to craft? Well, for me its Michael’s Crafts.  I went to the store and gathered my supplies:

  1. 2-pack of canvas I used the 8×11 size ($5.99)
  2. Paint brush, which I had at home. I used a 2″ chip brush which you can find at any hardware store.  ($1.00)
  3. Paint, which I had at home. I used gold and white.
  4. Crayola finger paint in black. ($2.50)
  5. Wood chipborad. I found the word “family” in the bargain bins. ($1.50 each)
  6. Glue
First, I mixed some white into the gold paint until I had I lighter version of the original. I painted the canvases with the 2″ chip brush. Next, I painted the word “family” (it was black when I bought it) with just the gold. I left both of these items to dry overnight.
Now comes the fun part! Time for finger painting with Gabriella. DH and I stripped her down to the diaper. I dipped the left hand and quickly blotted once on paper towel then stamped both canvases. I repeated this with the right hand. PREPARE TO SEE A MESS! This was our first time exploring finger paint so G was thrilled. Next, G had a bath! 🙂
I let the handprints to dry overnight and lastly I attached the painted chipboard “family” to the bottom of the canvas! I also wrote happy birthday on the backs of each frame with the date. 🙂
Of course I forgot to make one for myself so I guess I’ll be headed back to Michaels WITH a coupon to gather more supplies.
**Sorry there aren’t more pictures, but I really didn’t want paint on my phone or camera.**
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  1. You are so creative! Love michaels

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