Last long weekend

Yesterday, Monday, I though it would be nice to take Gabriella to the Scituate Art Festival. Last year at this time I was just rounding the bend to 9 months preggers and even though DH took me to the art festival waddling through the crowd wasn’t exactly enjoyable!
Anyway, we left around 10:30 and by the time we parked, changed the diaper, and walked to the food area, it was about 11. Me and DH are starved and now we are making conversation with family and friends.
Side-note–it was nearing 85 degrees!! It is October in Rhode Island and typically that means crisp Fall air, jeans, and a snuggly sweater or hoodie. 🙂
We finally get to eating some lunch with my parents…sausage and pepper sandwiches with dessert of apple dumplings. Oh yea! I ordered it “naked” no caramel or nuts. (Gotta watch my figure)
Next, shopping! My whole intention for this trip was to find a Christmas ornament (tradition) and a handmade winter hat for baby G.
Purchases = 0
It was very hot, no shade, DH and baby getting fussy due to heat and crowd. Now we are making our way back through the crowd to the cars. Stopped at a couple of booths in route. Did I mention my parents are loving the weather? They went to the BEACH on Sunday!! I think my dad is some kind of lizard because he complains if he’s NOT in direct sun.
Gram bought G a headband and a Christmas bib. She is pumped.
Got back to the car around 1:30, changed the diaper, packed up the car and headed home. DH has the air conditioning on HIGH.
Overall, it was a nice day because we were together and out of the house. I call it success.



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