12 Month Visit to Pedi…dun dun dun

Today was GiGi’s 12 month check up at the pediatrician (Children’s Choice Pediatrics) and for us that meant some shots. I DREAD these appointments and it was nice to have 3 months since the last. DH always comes to the pedi with me, but I think its more traumatic for him than any of us! I try my best to not be anxious and I ask DH to do the same because I don’t want GiGi to sense our anxiety.

I was really especially dreading this visit because I use to be able to comfort her after her shots by nursing, but now that she has self-weaned I was fearful I wouldn’t be able to comfort her. She surprised me though and was fine by me comforting her with a whole lot of cuddling and then a trip to Trader Joe’s for some light food shopping. She LOVES this place in part because the employees are SO fun and friendly. Now that we are home she is enjoying a nice long nap. 🙂

So, at 9 months GiGi’s stats were 19.2 pounds and 28 inches tall. Now at 12 months, she is 21.2 pounds and 28.5 inches high which makes her in the 50% percentile for both weight and height. FANCY! Happy to report we have a happy and healthy baby girl!

Save the Drama For Your Mama!

She received a flu shot (1st of 2) and the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella). We have been following all the recommended vaccines since she was born. Our take on the whole vaccine drama is that since we (DH and I) both received the vaccines then GiGi should as well.

Do your trips to the pedi always make YOU anxious? I welcome you to share your experiences with me since I am still new to this and could use some help soothing my anxiety. Thanks!

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  1. For real! She is so cute:) You dress her amazing too. We should get together one of these days:)

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