Went to see SANTA!

This weekend we took Gabriella to see Santa!
It was her first time meeting the man in the big red suit. We took GiGi to Diane Miller Photography as she has been our photographer since our wedding in 2006. She is amazing with children especially when they are in an unfamiliar setting.  She has a wonderful studio which provides the perfect backdrop to occasions like this. There was a real wood burning fireplace in the background (and by real I mean FIRE and the scents of Santa’s cozy home in the North-pole), Santa on his big comfy chair, his bag of toys, and various Christmas decorations. This Santa is like the real-deal. He has a real white beard, the hair, the big red suit, and the jolly belly. 🙂
First impressions from GiGi were as typical as you would expect of a one year old. She didn’t quit know what to make of Santa and his jolly-ness. We started warming her up to him by letting her play on the floor near his feet and explore a bit. Then we placed her on his lap and she gave him a once-over. Thank goodness Diane is quick on her feet and snapping away because after sitting with Santa for 30 seconds she cried out for help! We had an entourage with us and I mean the Grandmothers so there was no shortage of hugs for our distressed GiGi.
All in all Diane took some great shots. We immediately had a viewing and picked out our favorites. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures to share yet. We will get our pictures in less than two weeks!

Here is a quick picture I got of her when we were home in her outfit. 
Did a fun edit and added a Santa hat! 

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  1. oh my goodness! How cute is she in her outfit! LOVE IT!

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