Saturday’s Top Five Laughs!

  1. We had our first bath incident this week! Without getting into too much detail, there was a certain baby that went poo poo in the tub! EEK! Of course this was the ONE night a week that DH works late so I was alone when this all went down. I blame myself because I had washed her up and down all nicey nicey and then I was letting her splish spash all over when BOOM! Gabriella was in such hysteria she poo poo-ed! I didn’t know what to do so naturally in my panic I grabbed her out of the tub. Now I was holding this slippery squirmy baby. I dashed into her room to clean her up (luckily it was confined to one area) and quickly put on a diaper. Then I had to deal with the mess that was left in the tub. Thank goodness for my trusty friend Simple Green. Mommy also took a shower after G went to bed. EW! I hope this NEVER happens again! We had a good run though. 13 months. 
  2. More animal abuse! My poor sweet dog…now that G is walking all over she is into and on everything. We don’t wear shoes around the house so I keep a basket at the back door for shoes. Little miss thought it would be fun to take one of daddy’s shoes out of the basket and smack my sweet dog in the face! UGH! This is funny for a baby but not for my sweet, defenseless dog. Guess there is a learning curve! 
  3. We buy dog biscuits that have a picture of a dog on them. Gabriella is trying SO hard to say the word D-O-G. I think she was trying so hard yesterday that she was actually sweating!
  4. Books! Gabriella is very into her books at the moment. She brings them over to us as if to say, “Read this one!” Its the cutest thing and it gets me every time.  
  5. People watching! When we go out to the stores Gabriella STARES at people like she is looking into their soul or something. (If you see us out please don’t be afraid or offended!) Just the other day we went to the post office to pick up some stamps and while we were waiting in line she was starting this guy down. See her in the hat above … YUP! 
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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Candice is a mom of three under 5. Originally from the smallest state of Rhode Island, now living in Connecticut. From working gal to stay-at-home mom, she is walking the path of the Modern Mom.


  1. Too funny. You wonder what they think when they do stare at you?

  2. Poo in the bath. Yup. It's especially fun when you have a couple of them in there and the non-poopers realize what happened!

  3. Braden has never pooped in the tub…I've dreaded this! Ewww! haha

  4. Hahaha! Poop in the tub gets me laughing every time:)

  5. Oh my goodness- poop in the bathtub- oh no! We had that happen to us more than once! Saying DOG- that was Hayley's first or second word which was so funny because we don't have a dog. The other word was fish which we don't have either. Loved your laughs! You made me smile:)

  6. Ha ha! I had the same incident the other day too. And when he saw the poo he freaked out and tried to get out of the tub like it caught on fire. Good stuff.

  7. oh geeze…#2 is so not funny that it's funny (if that makes sense?!) I can't help but awww for the pup and giggle at your girl!

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