Baby Etiquette | Splish Splash I’m Taking a Bath

Here we are again. The weekend is over and its Monday. Le-Sigh… Well cheer up my little tater-tot because its about to get funny around here. I’m ready to bestow to you some more baby etiquette
  1. Drink as much bath water as you can and then give your parent a giant grin while then tell you NOT to do so. 
  2. Pee in the tub. Obviously this is a given and no one will know you did it so just when you think your parents have their guards down make a POOP! You don’t want to do this so often that its expected so make it completely random so the parent is always worried about the possibility. 
  3. Splashing. Also, completely random like say for instance bath time is coming to an end and the parent is standing there with your towel all ready. BAM! SPLISH! SPLASH! Everything is soaked  and bath time order is restored. Now your parent DEFINITELY needs to change out of wet clothing. 
  4. Once you are of standing or walking age, try to stand, walk, or climb out of the tub to make your parents have heart palpitations as they imagine the worst case scenarios. 
  5. If you happen to climb out of the tub, make a run for it and streak down the hallway as fast as your legs will take you. 
  6. So, now you are out of the bath and into the arms of your parent, all snuggled in your towel…keep the parents on their toes with any sudden urge to tinkle as they are walking you to your bedroom. I mean, since you are not potty trained yet, anytime is fair game. 
As always please feel free to comment with any additional etiquettes you may want to share 
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  1. I remember the first time my daughter pooped in the tub, she was more in shock than I was. I've never laughed so hard in my life!

  2. You must eat the bubbles and suck on the washcloth!

  3. OMG – Sounds like every bath my kids take

  4. OMG – Sounds like every bath my kids take

  5. Oh my gosh….soooo funny! and soooo true!
    ♥ Kyna

  6. Haha- or you can poop in the bath like Zane did this morning!! This cracked me up! And splashing- stay clear or else you will be soaking wet!!

  7. Lol — GREAT post 🙂 I can oh-so relate, especially to sneaking/jumping out of the tub and running soaking wet as fast as those chubby toddler legs will move!

    Happy Monday <3

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