Children’s eBook | Fly Me To The Moon {Review and G!veaway}

What is the World of Yum?
The World of Yum is a bright, magical and exciting world full of wonderful characters, adventures and FUN! The World of Yum strives to encourage these four principles: nutrition, activity, nature and family.
The World of Yum and it’s inhabitants aim to inspire and ignite a movement of happy, educated and empowered children for generations to come.
In The World of Yum’s book, “Fly Me to the Moon Bubba”, Bubba the whale flies to the moon each night and picks up children along the way who want to join her for a bedtime story. These ebooks are full of rich and vivid pictures of Bubba and her friends. 
There are eight different picture ebooks in the series. The stories are told by Bubba the Whale and her friends, Bigsby, Lily Oculous, Frank, Um, and Ann.  There is adventure and education with each story. 
In our family, we like to read a story each night before bedtime. Even though Gabriella is nearly 15 months old, she definitely looks forward to this time and it helps us all unwind from the day.
Personally, I think its nice to have a series of ebooks so that, when we read each night, she {mommy too} can look forward to the next story.
Each book in the series provides a lesson without taking from the storyline. Gabriella is at an age where she is learning to communicate and how to know right from wrong. These ebooks will help facilitate all kind of important messages that will help further our conversions with her in these areas throughout her development. 
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You can download the Intro book for FREE by visiting The World of Yum and you can fill out the Rafflecopter below and enter to win all eight ebooks!!

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  1. My daughter! What an awesome book!

  2. I would give this to my grand daughter. Thank you

  3. I would give it to a friend of mine for her daughter!

  4. What a wonderful book this sounds, I love books with great images and that fact that there is a educational twist aswell. Cant believe the giveaway, thanks for hosting!!

  5. This sounds great! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  6. These would be for my son

  7. I would be reading these with my 3 year old daughter. 🙂

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