Saturday’s Top Five Laughs!

Hello there and welcome to the weekend again! Here in New England we are getting blasted with snow. Seems that Old Man Winter decided to wake up from hibernation and give us a taste of some real winter weather. I’m not complaining! We also have another Patriots game to look forward to on Sunday!! GO PATS! 
  1. The other night my mom stopped by to help with the night routine as DH works every Wednesday night. As she was sitting with G giving her some milk before bed she happened to blink several time (wears contacts). Well, G though this was hilarious and started her belly laughing which then lead her to mimicking my mom. Now we catch her randomly doing it. B-L-I-N-K!         B-L-I-N-K!
  2. My poor dad. The past two times I’ve asked him to accompany me on outings with G has left him with some sort of bodily fluid on his person. First when we went to the pediatricians office a couple weeks back and second the other day. Sorry dad! 
  3. G is trying VERY hard to talk. I think she will have the gift of gab once she gets the hang of it. Her new favorite word is “Whoa” and she turns her mouth into the shape of an O. I die with the cuteness! 
  4. Not once, but twice this week I’ve gotten stranded in the car with G sleeping. I think the first time was Monday and even though DH was in the car with me he decided to nap as well. The second time was Friday and I was alone. Both times we were in our own driveway. I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to. We use to drive around and around, but this week we couldn’t be bothered. I have been thankful for my iPhone both times to keep me occupied. 
  5. Today was especially adorable. We had our first substantial snowfall so we were able to go outside and play. G doesn’t remember the TON of snow we got last year so I have been patiently waiting for some snow to appear. She LOVES it. She even played with the snow that fell off our clothes when we came back inside. 

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  1. Her first snow? Looks like she loves it! Wait until tomorrow. It will be up to her chin maybe.

  2. She is SO cute! I love her snowsuit too!! The Whoa face has me laughing, I keep thinking Whoa like Joey from Blossom 😉

  3. I have totally done the sit in the driveway bit too, and NO I would not hae made it through without my iPhone! lol. She looks so cute playing out in the snow!!

  4. She makes me laugh! She is just too cute! I can so relate to driving around while Zane sleeps. He doesnt transfer so this is our only option. I can't wait to see her:)

  5. That is entirely too cute!!

  6. She is absolutely adorable! Enjoy this time while you can they grow so fast:)

  7. This was such a sweet post, it made me smile lots. 🙂

    I can totally picture her little O. 🙂

    I just saw the Saturday Laughs blog hop, and reading everyones posts. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So cute!! Great laughs – Cupcakes blinks too! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  9. the snow suit is fabulous! pink!

  10. Aww!! That's so cute about the blinking! I just say a video on Yahoo! about these twins that mimicked their dad's sneeze. I love how they are so curious about stuff like that!

    I'm so glad she had fun in the snow! The first time I ever saw snow was when I was about 12 or 13 and my aunt and uncle took me up in the mountains when I was visiting them. I live on the gulf coast… we just don't see much here!

  11. Babushka LOVES the Blinky, Blinky!! hejeheje 2 cute.

    Here via the Saturday Laugh Blog and enjoying myself very much. BB2U

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