Saturday’s Top Five Laughs!

Hi everyone and welcome to the weekend! I hope you have a lovely couple of days. Here in New England old Man Winter is paying us a visit so it is VERY COLD. Highs in the single digits for the next couple of days. And, if you hear any loud shouting, that will be my hubby watching the Patriots game tonight.
  1. Gabriella’s top two front teeth have broken through so even though she looks cute its funny to see her with 4 teeth. I mean, where did my baby go?!
  2. The other night daddy was giving G her nightly bath and when he was done he shouted over to me, “Hey hun, I guess there is some poop floating in the tub. I didn’t realize it and I don’t think it got on her. She must have been sitting on it.” Um…WHAT!? Guess who cleaned it all up too? Yup, me.
  3. We went to the store yesterday and the cashier tossed that divider thingy that separates your items from the next customers. Well, he tossed it and it bounced off the stroller or G neither one of us got a clear view of what happened. The stroller was in-between DH and I  as we stood in line. I immediately had the protective-mother-death-stare on my face. Then, G decided to give him the finger…not THE finger, but a finger and broke the ice.
  4. We’ve had some really nice days these past few weeks so I’ve been taking G outside a lot to burn off some energy. I’ve never really had her play in the backyard until recently. Now that she is walking, she thinks its just hysterical to RUN down the driveway giggling to herself all the way! Not funny to ME! We live in a cul-de-sac so the traffic is 0, but still. I already hear myself saying, “no running” a lot in the future. 
  5. G has begun to test our reaction to her doing things she isn’t suppose to. Uhh Ohh! 

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  1. She is keeping you on your toes now! Love to see a pic of the teeth.

  2. Our high today is 36, and tomorrow 27…brrr. Makes you want to stay in and cuddle all day!

    The poop in the tub made me laugh out loud, bc I too, would be the one to be cleaning it up!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hahahahhahahahahaha #3 is hilarious! I think Cupcakes is also starting to test our reactions…

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. First off, go Pats!!! Secondly, loved reading your post. We had the poop thing happen. I actually had g clean it up. He was not so happy with making him do it. I love the finger story! I can totally relate to the death stare and she was right on the money doing it! No running is said all the time at my house. Lucky you live in a cul de sac. Loved your laughs:)

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