Valentine’s Day Cards @TinyPrints

I know you have heard me mention Tiny Prints before for this and that. Well here we are just a little less than three weeks away from Valentine’s Day! 
Does your child hand out Valentine’s at their school? Maybe you help organize a Valentine’s day party at home or at their school? Well if so you should check out the Tiny Print’s HUGE selection of Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards?
Boy oh boy have these come a long way from the ones my parents use to buy for me to hand out. I remember how exciting it was to go to school on Valentine’s Day when I was younger… even throughout high school. In high school though it got a bit more complicated as we could purchase red carnations for our special someone and they were anonymously delivered to them during home room. BAHAHA! 
How adorable is this photo Valentine! XOXO
Check out all the cute Valentine’s Day designs they have! Prices are great starting at less than a dollar each. 
Even though Gabriella isn’t school age yet, I’m going to send Valentine’s to all our family and friends. Who doesn’t like to get a little snail mail these days {that’s not junk mail}? Also, let try and keep the good peeps at the Post Office employed!  
You can follow Tiny Prints on Twitter, Facebook, and of course my new favorite Pinterest
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  1. I love tiny prints they have some really cute stuff there

  2. Tiny Prints has such an amazing selection of Valentine's Cards and they are very affordable!

  3. I love these- so cute

  4. I love these- so cute

  5. Love Tiny Prints! They always have the best designs 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hahaha, had to have a laugh about Valentine's Day in High School. Thanks for the info on tinyprints, I might check it out for my son's new pre-k friends.

  7. I used tiny prints to send a birth announcement for my first, printed a card to mail for my second, and sent an email for my third! Funny how technology evolved SO quickly in less than 5 years. Although I do send “hard copy” New Year's cards to family and friends, I love that tradition.

  8. Love tiny prints! I used them for Holiday cards!

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