Cloth Diapering…is it Too Late for Us To Start?

I notice so many of you Mamas are switching to or already using cloth diapers. Well, I am jealous! From the beginning it was something I really wanted to try, but it all seemed too daunting to me. I think I felt/feel that way because there are just soooo many options out there, and I’m not sure which is right for us.  I tried gDiapers, but that was an epic fail. We just could not get the right fit no matter which size we tried, so back to disposable we went. {And, just in case any of you do you gDiapers, I can ship you what we have. }
G is 15 months now. Is it too late for us? I really hope not. 
So, where do I begin? First things first: G is about 24 pounds and 30 inches. I am guessing this has some effect on what we need to purchase. Also, washing. Do I need a special soap? Lastly, G tends to leak through her overnight disposables, so what do we need for nighttime?
Tell me your must haves!
Tell me what brands to try!
Tell me the best sites to order from! 
Please just tell me what I need! Wet bag? Inserts? Hemp? Fleece? I am overwhelmed by all the choices.
 I started a Pinterest Board just for fluff, as so many of you call it! 
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  1. I love that you did this post – I'm in the same situation! I thought cloth was supposed to be easier, so with baby #3 I thought I'd look into it. But I found it so confusing – so many systems, sizes, inserts… And without anyone to ask, I guess I gave up. I can't wait to hear the replies!

  2. I have a big response for you, but I'll wait til I get home!

    In the mean time, check out the cloth diapering section on my blog, and yes, you do need special soap!

  3. I am happy to hear you are deciding to do this! We started I think on our third baby. I used my mom's “recipe” to keep the diapers white! My kids are in their mid 20's and early 30's so it has been a while! Cute name for your Pinterest board too! Looks like by Sarah's comment above, she will be able to lead you in the right direction. My memory isn't working to tell you the recipe. If I remember I will be sure to let you know. It saves tons of money plus helping the environment! Lisa from Triberr!

  4. I just started cloth diapering my first and i LOVE it! It can be very confusing, but I have learned the most by watching videos on how the diapers work and reading reviews. My daughter is only 4 months, so I haven't had to deal with the leaking issues at night yet, but my favorite are the bumgenius all in ones. (or any of the all in ones, aio, and pocket)

  5. I used cloth diapers on both my boys who are now in their thirties. OF course it was more popular then and most everyone did it. We used to soak the diapers in a pail with bleach and then wash them all alone with a mild detergent specially made for this. You can pin them to fit and use two or three folded up for night using a plastic pants. They still would leak through most nights though. Good luck

  6. I wish these cute and easy to use diapers would have been available when my kids were younger. Pins and rubber pants were my only option! (guess that really shows my age).
    Good luck on your cloth adventure and thanks for sharing.

  7. So cute! I wanted to cloth diaper but couldn't get my husband on board.

  8. I CD part time (while we're at home … on the weekends and in the evenings) and I love it! I have a couple of really great posts on it. You might also check out as well, as she's a CDing guru. I like Bum Genius and Fuzzibunz pockets best … and I use Fresh Granola (from for detergent. Good luck!

  9. I love cloth. I've used a lot of different varieties, and I'm finding that pockets are my favorite. They're all one-size diapers, so they are meant to adjust through your baby's entire diaper period. Some brands that I've really, really enjoyed are Happy Heinys, FuzziBunz, and BumGenius. For overnights, we do disposable because my kid is a super heavy wetter (and will sometimes go through the disposable as well).

    The brands that I recommended all come with two inserts: a newborn size and a regular size. Yes, you need special detergent. Here's a vlog I did that outlines my cloth diaper laundry routine: And wet bags: I like the Planet Wise ones. They're a bit more expensive, but they can be found with a zippered closure and a hanging attachment. Hope this helps!

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