Help! I’m Looking for the Perfect Diaper Bag

Not too long after I found out I was preggers with G I started looking for a diaper bag. I knew I wanted a diaper bag that looked NOTHING like a diaper bag. I figured this bag would also be my pseudo purse since I wasn’t planning on carrying around both and a baby. So months went by and I surfed the web and browsed the stores but never really found something that I loved. I settled on a this bag for a while and never really was in love with it. It was rather small once I discovered how much I was actually going to lug around with me for the baby and myself. So I retired it and bought this. 
Which brings me to anther point. We have two strollers. An Orbit G2 and a Bob. I love both strollers for different reasons, but I dislike both because they don’t have a good way to hang or store my diaper bag. UGH! 
So fellow mothers…please tell me what diaper bag really makes you giggle! Is the diaper bag you have now the one you are in love with? I have been pinning some to my “Diaper Bag” Pinterest board. 
G is 15 months old now. I am leaning toward a bag that I can carry hands free…maybe a messenger or a backpack? I carry an extra outfit, diapers, wipes, toys, a blanket {its winter here}, sippy cup, snacks, my water bottle, my wallet, a few cosmetics and toiletries, and keys. Sounds like a lot when I write it all out. Am I carrying too much? Oh, and sometimes I even carry snacks for DH since he turns into a bear when he gets a rumble in his tummy.
Here are some options I’m considering…

Source: via Candice on Pinterest

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  1. I have this bag from Fleurville:

    And I LOVE it. It came with stroller handle straps, as well as a long shoulder strap that you can adjust or the two handles. The best part is you can just wipe the whole thing clean. It's definitely big enough for all the stuff you need to carry as well.

  2. I have the Skip Hop one that you do. I have no trouble using the clips on it to hang it on my double stroller, but my issue with it is that its just too small for my stuff, the baby's stuff, and the toddler's stuff. I'm thinking a backpack type might come in handy for me for trips to the zoo and museum, I just started researching them

  3. Yeah, I'm not big on diaper bags! I hardly use mine anymore. But I loooooved our JuJuBe Be-All diaper bag. Big enough, not too big…stylish!

  4. I forgot to mention that, before I had my son, I used a Vera Bradley diaper bag for my daughter. I loved it, but it did not hang on the stroller, which was annoying!

  5. Diaper bags are tough. I am using my favorite lululemon bag at the moment cause it has a bazillion compartments and a bag to put your wet dirty clothes (meant to be workout clothes, but I can put soiled baby clothes). But because I carry my baby, I'm finding it a bit cumbersome. I really need a backpack but can't find one I like.
    I like the second one above. Good luck!

  6. I have a few… from PPB I have the boxy backpack, the sashay satchel, and a clutch (that's actually REALLY big for a clutch). I love them all for different reasons. My BB I can fit my waterbottle on the outside side pocket (and also one of her bottles on the other side). It has a flip-out changing pad & station to use when we're out. I also like the messenger option & backpack. The straps arne't too comfy though. I do drape the big messenger strap over the handlebar of my UppaBaby stroller. Never bought their stroller clips.

    The SS is great for quick trips when I dont' need to pack a ton. I can't fit my water bottle in the side pocket though (or her bottle). I like that the backpack straps tuck inside itself so you never forget them. My sister loved the tote – till I told her it was a diaper bag. Although I don't think that would stop her from buying.

    I've never used the clutch. Not yet.

    I have another I got as a gift but it doesn't have that many storage pockets inside. I don't use it much.

    I had bookmarked this site before: that makes stiff felt inside compartments. Might be a great option if you buy a boxy bag and don't want to lose everything inside.

    PS Hautelook has PPB on sale today!

  7. I have a Skip Hop Messenger bag that I like, but the PPB bag looks adorable.

  8. I have my Coach one and absolutely love it!!

  9. I can tell you which one not to get. Jeep, it falls apart easily and mine got stolen. Skip Hop looks amazing.

  10. I was more of a giant hobo purse kind of person 🙁 but now I see these and my jaw drop, I had no idea there was so many kinds out there! whaaaa

  11. Where were you when I needed a functional diaper bag? lol

  12. I have a Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. ( and it is the perfect bag for everything (I'm like you; I carry a lot of stuff) and has a separate part for mommy's stuff (wallet, keys, phone…). Totally worth to money!

  13. Having 2 under 2…I have been through every diaper bag in the world. I LOVE my JuJuBe Diaper Bag and I LOVE my Petunia Picklebottom Backpack. Both worked great! Those are my favorites.

    Thanks for linking up!

  14. I have the JJ Cole Mode bag *love it* – I bought 8 bags before I found one I liked for size and functionality. It looks like I need to look at the JuJuBe though based on the comments 🙂

  15. I use a Longchamp bag as a diaper bag. It's great! It looks cute and it's super light, easy to carry and wipeable. I'm actually planning to write a blog post on how I made my Longchamp bag into a diaper bag. Stay tuned! 🙂

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