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Gabriella has been drinking her whole milk from a MAM bottle since she turned one. She had been drinking water from different sippy cups from about six or seven months. And, before that she was nursed. Which brings us to present day at fifteen months. She will still only drink her whole milk from the MAM bottle and water from a sippy. I have bought several kinds some with straws and some without, but nothing seems to work. She will take one swig, make a face, and throw the cup down. Of course I get frustrated because I know she wants her milk so I give in and just pour it into the bottle.
I’d really like to transition her before our upcoming weeklong trip next month. Washing and sterilizing bottles is NOT this Mamas favorite task especially when I don’t have a dishwasher. So, I guess you could say that I am most concerned about switching her from bottle to sippy for my own selfish motivations.Β Do any of you moms out there have any suggestions for us transitioning her to drinking milk out of sippy?
The next transition I am tryingΒ is to have Gabriella sleep with a blanket rather than in a sleep sack. She has been in a sleep sack or swaddled since birth. I’ve started putting a blanket in her crib when she takes a nap, but this girl wants NOTHING in her crib when she sleeps! I’ve also tried no sleep sack and guess what – she doesn’t care! I mean, I could put 631 stuffed animals and one blanket into the crib with her and she will throw every single thing out of the crib before she goes to sleep. WHAT?! Maybe she just doesn’t like to share her sleep space? So obviously she has no “lovey” as that thing wouldn’t stand a chance. Taking suggestions – please and thank you!
Never stood a chance to snuggle with G.
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  1. We literally just made the switch from bottles to sippy cups. Doc told us when he turned 1 to not screw around and just throw the bottles out. He was upset for a couple of days and would cry when he saw he was getting a cup and not a bottle, but it didn't last long. Now, if we can only get him to stop letting milk dribble out of his mouth…

  2. My daughter made a very big deal of throwing bottle “for babies” in the trash. She started a few days before with a sippy cup shopping trip where Maddie picked out her own big girl cup. Then repeatedly told Maddie “tomorrow after dinner u are throwing away baby bottle and using your new cup” The family had a special dinner complete with desert. They even made up a song for the big event and beginning a big girl. My granddaughter was able to choose a special juice for 1st time using cup. After dinner my granddaughter was brought to trash and she threw out bottle to big HURRAYS. Dad immediately took out trash. When Maddie asked for her bottle Mom had to remind Maddie of the event and that SHE herself threw out bottle and she was a big girl now! This worked well for Maddie but maybe not for all. ALSO THERE WERE A FEW TEARS THE NEXT DAY, BUT MOM KEPT REMINDING MADDIE OF TRASH EVENT. By day 2 Maddie was a big girl using new cup she picked out. Maddie was about 14 months old

  3. Try a child sleeping bag maybe 1 with a zipper that u can slowly unzip to a blanket over time

  4. My two older kids didn't sleep with anything in the crib after hey outgrew the swaddle. Then, once they transitioned into a bed, they liked blankets. Unless your house is particularly cold, I wouldn't worry about it, 15 months is still too little to reason with.
    We transitioned from bottles to a sippy for milk by choosing the Nuby sippy, which has a more nipple-like spout. It's softer and not as hard as other sippy tops. That seemed to make it easier, and we kept the straw sippy for water. Oh, and depending on your bottle type, you might not need to sterilize it. I just threw them in the dishwasher and called it a day!
    Hoping the newest baby (3 months) will just go from nursing to sippy and I can skip bottles all together:)

  5. When I did the transition years ago I let my eldest cry for hours and that was the last of the bottle. It was hard to do but it did work. I did walk in a few times but would not pick him up. He was pretty close to 2 because I remember I was pregnant with 2nd and was determined for him to sleep without a bottle.

  6. B still gets a bottle for naps and bedtime, and that's where he gets all his milk. But, he is starting to not really want them much, so I don't know. It may be that it'll be easy to transition him away, but at the same time, the few times I've tried to put him down for a nap without it, he's actually started crying when he didn't see it. He is such a creature of habit! The pediatrician told us that he likes to see babies away from bottles by 18 months, so we are giving ourselves some time. eek.

    As far as the blankets and stuffies, I wouldn't worry about that. B also throws all of his stuffies out of the crib, and we haven't given him a blanket yet. He sleeps well without them, so I just let it go. I feel bad for all his buddies though. πŸ˜‰

  7. I have to tell you that Hayley didn't get rid of her bottle till closer to 2. We fought with her to take only a sippy and she downright rejected. So, i decided to let it go and try to wean her closer to 2. By that point, she gave it up with no problem. As for the blanket, H still does not use a blanket. I just use footed Pjs to this day:)

  8. Try giving her flavored milk in the sippy cup – strawberry or chocolate. And begin diluting the milk in the bottle so it's less satisfying. Do 2-3 days with 1/3 water and 2/3 milk, then a couple of days half and half, and so on. Also, restrict bottles to ONLY breakfast/lunch/supper. Switching her from bottles to sippy cups is not a selfish thing on your part. She's old enough now that she doesn't NEED a bottle. It's just a habit for her. She won't like that you change her habit but she won't be permanently damaged by the change. πŸ™‚

  9. I say stay with the sleep sack. I use them with Leila because otherwise she will try to climb out of her crib by throwing one foot over. With a sleep sack on she can't get her foot high enough! Good enough reason for me πŸ™‚

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