Cloth Diapering. An Update

So, it’s been about two weeks since we shifted to cloth diapers.  You can read my previous post here. G doesn’t seem to know the difference (who knows, right?), but I can: less redness, less waste, more laundry, more aerobatics when poopy-doopies are involved.  This last bit of business doesn’t settle well with DH.  He’s got no coordination, so you can imagine how messy things get with him at the helm.  His arms get all contorted in weird ways as he tries to unsnap, wipe, and change.  I think he makes more of a mess than G.
We now have 14 cloth diapers, so we still need more than what we have.  We have Fuzzibunz, Bum Genius, Happy Heinys, and Rumparooz.   I ordered a couple of Charlie Bananas and Thirsties but are waiting for those to arrive. Also ordered some GroVia, but returned them before we even tried. Any other brands I should try?
At night, we use two hemp inserts, usually in a medium-size Fuzzibunz.  This set-up works!  There was only leaky episode, but I think that was because the inserts we used weren’t washed enough times (and DH put on the diaper, so who knows what went on there).
The next step has to be washable wipes.  Right now, we are using a mixture of disposable wipes (yuck) and wet baby face cloths, which we wash with the diapers.
Whatever I’ve changed about washing the diapers seems to have helped get rid of the baby’s rash.  I’ve used more water and less detergent.  I also think the disposable liners are a big help.
I really wish we had done the cloth diapers from the start.  I don’t know what we were thinking (I guess we weren’t)!
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  1. I would definitely try alva diapers they are super cheap but I love them! They have 3 layer bamboo inserts that are AWESOME! You can join a coop on facebook, Miss Sunshine's Co Op and it ends on march 12. Solid colors are like $2.60 and prints are $3.00 and bamboo inserts are $1.40 and you can try a 4.0 which is a go green champ for $5.00. These are from China and i'm pretty sure alva makes diapera for kawaii, go green and probably tons of other brands. We should get them in by beginning of April!

  2. Are the hemp inserts those Thirsties ones from your first order? Like these?:
    I am dealing with leaks with my son overnight and it is sooo frustrating. I'm willing to try anything. We use Gdiapers so I can stuff them with whatever.

  3. It's never too late for you to start, you're doing great!

  4. We use the baby face cloths all wet. What do you think will be the difference between them and cloth wipes?

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