Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Welcome to the weekend. I’m a bit late this weekend getting to my funnies, but for good reason. Last night I enjoyed some R & R with the host of this link up and when I got home I was a bit too relaxed to look at the computer. Then this morning, G slept in until 7:30 probably due to the dark rainy weather we are having today. Now, we are all sitting in our jammies on the couch chillaxin and reading board books. WOOHOO for a lazy Saturday morning. 
  1. There is a gorilla in the Baby Einstein First Words book, and of course, DH has taught G to beat her chest and “Ooo Ooo” whenever she sees the picture or hears, “What does the gorilla say?”  
  2. When DH was away last week I was getting ready to leave the house with G. I had to put on makeup and make my hair look decent. I baby proofed the bathroom as best as I could so I could keep the door open and watch her while I prettied myself. Well, of course she wanted to hang out with me in the bathroom. I gave her my comb and she pretended to brush her hair. Once she was bored with that I gave her her toothbrush so we could brush our teeth together. Once that got old she found the flusher on the toilet. Can you guess what happened next? Continuous flushing of the toilet for the duration of our bathroom time. Guess I should have put some cleaning product in the toilet because that day our toilet was getting a workout and cleaning itself! 
  3. We have a basket by our back door and we take our shoes off and keep them in there. Gabriella likes to take the shoes out of the basket now and try them on. Its pretty cute seeing such a tiny foot in such a giant shoe! Hopefully her foot will stay tiny for a long time cause I’m not ready to start sharing shoes anytime soon.
  4. In my nightstand I have some wallets and other miscellaneous small items. I always wonder what people put in their nightstands. I mean, the drawers are smaller and now with a toddler who can open drawers I really can’t keep anything too small or fragile in there. Anyway, there is one particular black Coach wristlet that G likes to grab from the top drawer. She puts it on her wrist and walks around like a little fashionista. She even posed for me so I could take a picture! LOL 
  5. Rather than saying “No” a lot I find myself saying “Nah”. Guess who is following my lead? G! I’ll ask her something and she replies, “Nah” and shakes her head. Hysterical! 
Look who found my iPhone and took a picture of herself. I found this in my camera roll! 

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  1. What a fun night! I am so glad we found each other in this crazy blogging world! Okay.. now I am going to stop being sappy and onto your laughs. I love that she mimics the gorilla when she sees him! Too funny! I had to laugh about the toilet story. I bet you were not laughing after the zillionth time, but I am:) She is such a diva going around with her wristlet. A true girl for you. Maybe she can join us for our mani:) I love that she said Nah! And a truly cute self portrait!

  2. She is too funny – love to see a video of her saying “nah”.

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