Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

  1. Yesterday we went to visit DH’s grandfather for a couple of hours. “Poppy” as he is affectionately called asked that DH run to Whole Foods to get some rotisserie chickens for lunch. He took G with him so I got to relax a bit. He came back with two chickens, a container of regular hummus, and some pita chips. We let G try some hummus on a chip and the rest is history. She was double dipping like it was her job and finally decided to just whole hand it right into the hummus and then right into her mouth. I’m guessing she likes it! She ate nearly half the container! 
  2. Now that she spends more time focused on our cat she has learned to mimic it. So she runs after the cat saying, “Mmmaow, mmmaow, mmmaow” over and over! Its too cute! 
  3. G’s latest dance move is to twirl in a circle with one hand up in the air. I mean, where is she getting this stuff?!
  4. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but if G sees something in her view that she knows we probably wouldn’t want her to touch, she glances over at us, then puts her little chubby hand over the object of her desire and looks back at us with a HUGE grin from ear to ear. Testing testing…its pretty cute and funny now, but I can see how this might get pretty interesting as she gets older. Do you have a little one that does this? She did this with the remotes at DH’s grandfather’s yesterday. He thought it was pretty hilarious! 
  5. I finally started using my YouTube Channel! Check out our first video. I think it counts as a top five funny…don’t you?

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  1. She is too funny, love the You Tube Channel, that will be great for her to view years later.

  2. She likes hummus- so funny because both of my kids hated it. so cute that she chases the cat saying that! Love it. That video is too cute. THe sounds-lol:) You need to get a video of the twirl next. I love this post! Such cute laughs!

  3. Love this top 5!

  4. She is so cute! Love that video!!

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