Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Welcome to the weekend everyone! Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? I went for a manicure today with a friend and she picked up a couple of Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s. I can’t remember the last time I had something from there, but the shake was pretty tasty. Tasted like vanilla more than mint, but it was a nice treat. 
  1. I had the laundry basket at the basement door to take down for my next load out of the dryer. Our basement door is off the kitchen. Now that G is she was pushing the basket up and down the hallway and back and forth. Then, I got an idea! Why not put her in the basket and give her a ride? Obviously I don’t have a pic of video of this but the look on her face as I ran down the hallway with her in the basket white-knucked was hysterical! She was laughing and giggling the whole way with the breeze in her hair. Of course, now its all she wants when she sees the basket. 
  2. Again with the basket…my mom came grocery shopping with me this morning and when we came back she was playing with G while I put all the groceries away. Well, we have a Boon highchair and its on wheels. When its locked it doesn’t budge, but when its unlocked its like a giant roller-skate. She pushed the laundry basket up against the high chair and then pushed the basket AND the highchair down the hallway! Do I have a baby with superhuman strength?
  3. The other night during bath time G came within one inch of her whole body and face being totally under water. I of course freaked out and immediately sat her upright again. Well, G aka fearless though this was just great! Now she WANTS to go under. And, she gets on her belly and makes like she is swimming?! Time for swim lessons??
  4. We went church the other morning for a funeral mass. I had to take G since DH and everyone else was working. Luckily this particular church had a quiet room because having a toddler sit through an hour long service is very tricky. I had all the basics with me, but all she wanted to do was rearrange all 50 chairs that were neatly arranged in rows of 10. Luckily I had a friend with me so she helped me put all 50 chairs neatly back in their place! OYE!
  5. We went to dinner last night at a local place. Of course there was a tablecloth, silverware, glasses of all sizes with various beverages, bread, menus, you name it. When we first arrived I took everything away except for the tablecloth. Not much I can do about that. Well, once G was done she started picking up the tablecloth and pushing it towards DH’s mom, “Nonna”. Then she took my napkin and scrubbed at the marinara sauce on the tablecloth. And after that she played peek-a-book with the napkin and was cracking herself up! Hopefully the expectant couple sitting behind us didn’t get too scared!   

Just having a little Pizzella. That is all.  
My tired and teething muffin. 🙁 
Goes like this right?
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  1. Thanks for sharing these funny moments with us 🙂 I found it on the mommyhood chronicles link up post. I am also now following you via google+. If you'd like to check out my blog and follow along as well, you can do that at the happily ever after project

  2. I had Braden in swimming lessons at 4 months and he's loved it ever since! We start again at the end of April!

  3. She is too funny, sometimes you have to enjoy the moment and forget the video. Great pics, love the pizzelle! The one in her sweater is funny – like she has had enough with your camera.

  4. I could see Breanna doing the same w the laundry basket!!!

  5. Zane loves to be carried in the laundry basket. Actually I do it with both kids but then my back kills. You so have a baby with superhuman skills:) Oh my goodness, how funny with the restaurant. I love it. Those pictures are wicked cute too! I love your laughs! PS- swim lessons- come join us at envious swim:)

  6. Pardon me, I am not just a friend. I am the BFF and The Godmother! I enjoyed the rearranging of the chairs!

  7. Pardon me, I am not just a friend. I am the BFF and The Godmother! I enjoyed the rearranging of the chairs!

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