Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

We are still in Washington, DC, but I just couldn’t miss the chance to write about some funny things G has done while we have been away. And, lets talk about the amazing weather! Can you even believe it! Shorts, T-shirts, sandals, capri pants, and skirts! We have been outside everyday. We’ve enjoyed the National Zoo, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, The Cherry Blossoms, and Old Town Alexandria, VA, just to name a few. How have you been enjoying the Spring weather? Have a great weekend and think of me when we are driving back to RI on Sunday for eight or nine hours!

  1. On the drive from Rhode Island to DC, G had “My Pal Violet” in the back seat with her. I think she pressed all three of Violets buttons for a good solid hour while we also listened to the radio. It was pretty musical in the car for that hour, but I think I need to upload some new tunes to Violet’s play list or make Violet disappear before one of us goes insane! Did I mention the drive was nine hours? 
  2. There is this AMAZING chicken place here called El Pollo Rico. DH and I would eat it pretty frequently when we use to live here. Last time we came down in July, G was just six months, so she didn’t enjoy this culinary delight. But this time, oh my…she ate and ate and ate the chicken and french fries. The grin on her face when she was eating the rich chicken was just priceless.  
  3. Since Thursday, we have been staying with my parents, who flew down, at their timeshare in Old Town. The room is like a condo with a kitchen and all the amenities you would have at home. There is a laundry room down the hall, so I decided to do a couple loads of this afternoon so I wouldn’t be taking home tons of dirty laundry. In the laundry room, there are these crazy laundry carts that almost look like grocery carts. My dad thought it would be fun to give G rides around the room and up and down the hallways in one.  She had so much fun on this ride she totally had a meltdown when he was done. Legs and arms splayed out in front of the door, belly-flops on the floor.  She wanted more! 
  4. Today at lunch (Bittersweet in Old Town), we sat at a table that was made from old, rustic wood. There was a pretty big knot in the wood that G could reach from her seat.  She insisted on sticking her finger in it. Of course I sanitized the table as best as I could before she ate, but she kept putting her finger into this nasty knot/hole or “ho” as she calls it. Ewwwww! Why do toddlers want to touch yucky things??
  5. A little silliness today with the bag from Georgetown Cupcake. She was SO overtired and was just being so silly about everything and cracking herself up. Check out this video…
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  1. Awww… How is she sleeping? I am off Monday if you want to do something?

  2. Love that video – the bag is bigger than her! I bet she will be exhausted from the week and will sleep well on the way back.

  3. Such a cute video! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Nine hours- Girl, that is amazing you lasted! We love the My pal violet too although it goes off all night long for some reason. Probably because it is old, lol. Haha- with rides up and down the hallway. Haha- look at her with the bag over her head- LOVE IT!! Oh, touching yucky things only gets worse:) Love your laughs. I hope you are enjoying yourself!

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