Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

This has been quite the week. We have all been sick since Tuesday. Its the first time G has ever had a cold. Poor gal. Plus, she is teething and it seems all the rest of her teeth want to come at once. Today we are headed to New York to check out what may be our next home! G will be staying at home with the grandparents since she is a sicky. Wish us luck! 
  1. G loves the conga line!  In Old Town last week, G loved to grab the back of Grandma’s pants and follow her around our room.  It turned into a giggly, hip-shaking dance.
  2. She’s been eyeing the microwave for months.  She’s finally figured out how to reach it: move a box of paper towels to it and climb on top.  Popcorn, anyone?  (Of course, we grab her before she can figure out what the Start button does).
  3. Just because G has a cold doesn’t mean she’s having no fun.  Despite the whining and crying (poor baby), she makes time for walking with her eyes closed or a dishtowel over her head (all her own doing). She’s walked into chairs and walls a couple of times, but I’m guessing she’s learning how to walk in the dark so, when she figures out how to escape the crib at night, she can make it to our bed with no trouble at all.
  4. Remember the microwave?  Yeah, she moves her rocking chair (originally mine, from 1979) to reach the DVD player.  So, no more rocking chair in the living room (just like no more paper towel box in the kitchen).  The same goes for a decorative pink wagon that Nonna bought before G could walk.  
  5. Typically when DH is home, I give G a goodnight kiss, and he puts G in the crib for the night.  Most of the time, G doesn’t want any kisses or hugs from me at bedtime (“just let Daddy sing me a song and put me to bed already!”).  Last night, she turned her head toward me and stuck her tongue in my mouth.  I guess she didn’t like it either, because tonight she’s back to avoiding me at bedtime. 
Addicted to hummus! 
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  1. Yah- I was just coming to your blog to check out your new posts and saw your laughs- you got it up before me:) Haha- she figured out the microwave. Now, she can make us all some food! She is a climber, huh? That is too funny with bedtime. I love the pictures- so cute!

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