17 month update!

Latest Developments: 
  • You are on to bigger and better things these days. I mean, you are still into books, but now that you like to climb that is far more interesting than reading about colors or Elmo. 
  • You are learning to assert yourself…by biting, pinching, hitting, and yelling. 
  • You also know to smile and run to Mama and Dada for hugs.  
  • My you are teething! 
  • You had your first cold ever, and you didn’t like it one bit. 
  • You now take advantage of cats who have learned to love you because you always smell like milk.  Grabbing their tails as they walk isn’t really what we mean by “say hi to the kitties,” but at least you’re not trying to sit on them anymore.
  • You like to say Mama and Dada.  When we say, “Where’s Gabriella?”, you put your hands over your eyes.
  • You like to say “Tick tock” when you see a clock and nod your head from side to side. 
  • Your new favorite book is “Picture This.”
  • Although you cannot climb the couch yet, you love to ease yourself off the couch.  One time, you did some sort of gymnastic move and landed on both feet on the floor.  
  • You still throw food and your cup on the floor, but now it seems like it’s not an accident or out of curiosity
  • Went on your second road trip to DC! 
Clothes: You’re wearing 18-24 & 2T  in both tops and bottoms.  We have switched to cloth diapers and your bum doesn’t seem to mind either way. 
Sleep: Bedtime is around 7pm and (most of the time) you sleep until 7-7:30 a.m. WOOT! The Spring ahead time change was a bit of an adjustment for all of us, but we finally all got back on track.
Nap(s): Just one nap a day now. Usually between 12:30 and 1 p.m. and for one and a half to two hours. Today was a full two hours. I had to check on you because I was in such disbelief! 
Eating: You drink your whole milk from a bottle and will only drink water from the sippy cup. We need to work on this…STILL. You eat everything and anything and lots of it! Today we went to breakfast with Papa (DH’s dad) and you had eggs, bacon and some english muffin. For dinner we went out again and you had Italian bread, cucumbers, croutons, chicken, and pizza. 
Teeth: Two bottom middle are and two top middle are IN! Eye teeth are almost all the way in and you are definitely getting molars! EEK!  
Happy 17 month birthday sweet girl! 
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  1. 17 months already? It goes by so fast doesn't it?
    ♥ Kyna

  2. I love that photo of her standing on the little table!

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