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Happy Friday the 13th! Who is superstitious? I AM! 
Today will be pretty eventful around my house. We are getting a POD delivered this morning. Ever heard of it or tried one? Me either. Well, we are going to use it as storage while we pack. Rather than have boxes stacked up all over the place while we still live here for the next four weeks. Oh and we have a toddler remember? Yep, she is into climbing so boxes + toddler = disaster. 
Anyway, on to more important matters like my nails. I went with a fellow mom-blogger friend last night and tried shellack for the first time. I got the classic french since my toes are still purple. I figure it will be better than a regular mani while I get to packing. They say this shellack has longevity { two weeks or more} and I’m ready to put it to the test! Ever tried the shellack?

Come link up with me over at Fabulous but Evil and show us your nail polish purchases or recommendations, pictures of your manicured nails (whether done at home or at the salon), your nail polish tips and trends, etc.
The Nail Files
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  1. We used PODS when we moved twice. I love them

  2. I just tried shellac for the first time as well! Hope it lastsas long as they say! 🙂

  3. I've never tried it I really should one of these days maybe if I go on a vacation…

  4. Your nails look great, and you have pretty fingers too! =)

  5. Your nails look great@ I haven't tried the shellac, I can't commit to one polish color for that long. lol

    Happy Friday!

  6. They look awesome! And it's a very cool photo, too! 🙂

  7. never tried shellac but i've heard great things!!

  8. I have heard so many great things about shellac but have yet to try it myself. New follower here 🙂 Randomly found your blog from Melissa & Mommyhood Chronicles!

  9. Your nails look great!

  10. Very pretty French 🙂

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