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So last week I told you about how I got a shellack manicure for the first time. Well, this week I’m here to tell you that I’m not 100% sold on said shellack. You see rather than chipping at the tips as regular polish tends to do this is chipping at the cuticles. Don’t get me wrong its really shiny…still, but the chipping. The chipping makes me want to peel the polish which I guess is a no-no, but its catching on stuff like say my hair! Ouch!  I can’t take this stuff off myself either so back to the salon some time next week. 
So, my fellow shellack-ers…how has your mani held up after one week in?
Do you think it could have been a bad application? 
Is it my fault for not wearing gloves while I wash the dishes? 
Come link up with me over at Fabulous but Evil and show us your nail polish purchases or recommendations, pictures of your manicured nails (whether done at home or at the salon), your nail polish tips and trends, etc.
The Nail Files
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  1. It is the fact that I can't take the stuff off myself that keeps me from getting my nails done like this. It is so pretty when it is fresh, though!

  2. Your nails look lovely!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. Not one chip on my nails and we got them done on the same day! Maybe you need to use my girl:)

  4. My nails are acrylic..have been getting them done for 20+ years & love them. I have seen the shellac, but haven't tried it. I'd say give it another try and see if they come out better next time.
    New follower – The Thrifty Blog Frog .
    Huge Green Hugs,
    Pat @ The Thrifty Frog Blog

  5. Love the shellac look, have to say that the French is more prone to chipping on me, I love getting a single colour,I usually get ages out of it!

  6. looks pretty but a huge bummer about the chipping! =/

  7. Your nails look beautiful. I've always wondered how the Shellac works and how long it lasts. Will be anxious to see how your next attempt goes.

    New follower, found you on the Newbie Blog Hop

    Mommy Made It!

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