Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

So this weekend we are busy busy packing up our past three years of living in our current place. We also have a party to attend on Sunday, which is shaping up to be a blast! G will get to play with some of her same age cousins.  Our families are so big and spread out that this only happens a few times a year. What are your plans for the weekend? The weather here is beautiful and the temperatures are starting to warm up. 
  1. So, the toddler that she is, G likes to copy us.  She likes us to copy her, too.  It’s like Simon-says, without Simon saying anything (who is Simon, anyway?).  She will clap her hands together and then spread her arms as far apart as they can go, and we will do the same. Then, she will put her hands on her head, or fold her arms, or cross her fingers, and we will do the same. She thinks this is just hilarious, so its become part of our daily routine! 
  2. I have a tall jewelry armoire. The taller G gets, the more drawers she can reach. So, there are a few big chunky necklaces I keep in the higher drawers. She grabbed one the other day and kept putting it on and taking it off. I guess its time to get her some fashionista accessories! 
  3. When G hears the back door knob start to turn, she runs for the door screaming, “Dada, Dada, Dada”! I guess by the time DH comes home from work, she has had enough of me and is ready to move onto the next parent. 
  4. The other night while we were cleaning up after dinner, G went to her room to grab her toy vacuum and started cleaning the kitchen floor. Ahhh, a girl right after my own heart. If it would only pick up something off the floor.  The popping noise makes me insane.  
  5. During our weekly grocery trip to Whole Foods, G decided to help me out by flinging items behind her into the shopping cart.  I figured why not, she wants to help and its keeping her busy. It wasn’t until I got home and was putting the groceries away that I found a container of Sea Salt Caramels?? Yea, I guess she grabbed them off the shelf and tossed them into the basket at some point during our trip. Not too bad of a purchase I guess. When I told my mother-in-law (Nonna) about it yesterday, she said she always spent more than she planned when shopping with her three boys.  I’ll just have to keep my eye out for DH, who will probably throw a bunch of snacks in while I’m not looking, then blame it on G.

Toddler dinner. Chicken sausage, creamy polenta with sauce and green beans! 
We got this toy the other day and she LOVES it! 
Time to start packing up! 
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  1. Love these toddler moments! Cherish them – it goes way too fast!

    Although, my kids (9 and 12) still throw things into the shopping cart lol!

  2. My daught had that house and loved it! We'd sing the sun song every morning!

  3. Leila loves accessories too! It's so funny what they pick up on:)

  4. Alas we are long past the toddler days. FYI my boys still run to the door when Papa comes home from work. As for our weekend, dh is painting the trim on the front of the house. I am staying out of his way. Being a designer, it's best if I don't watch. I supported the Nerf company to the tune of about $90.00. Boys well earned toys. A friend for a lovely crock pot chicken dinner and then relaxing with a lovely glass of wine. Happy Weekend.

  5. Hi Candice! Stopping in to say hello, I'm friends with Melissa & this is my first blog hop! Love that toddler house toy too!

  6. This is so cute! I love that she is copying you- how unbelievably cute!! She sure is a fashion girl! We have the same vacuum and I know exactly what you mean! Love #1- G is so funny! Love your laughs and the pictures are too darn cute!!! LOVE!!

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