Wordless-ish Wednesday | Enjoying the Spring Sunshine!

We have basically been in a heat wave for the past couple of days here in Rhode Island. I mean we are talking temperatures in the 80s! Talk about one extreme to another, but I’ll take it. Bring on the sandals pack up the coats! 
G has been toddling around the back yard the past couple of days taking in all that Spring has to offer. I apologize for my sad looking garden this year. All that is leftover from the three summers we have had here is Viola {a flower I grew to make a tea for DH’s eczema} and my lavender. Side-note – unless you are totally committed to growing Viola for the rest of your life with no effort do not plant these seeds anywhere. It just keeps spreading and popping up everywhere. Makes a nice ground cover though. 
I also had our cloth diapers out to dry on a clothes rack for that natural bleaching I’ve been told about. Have you done this with your cloth stash? Hopefully I’ll be able to do this more often because the drying time is cut in half and I don’t have to listen to them clang all around the dryer for over an hour. 

Maybe our landlord will send over the lawn service soon?
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  1. Hmm, viola's that easy, huh? I might have to try it! such cute pics! I love the LOVE ladybug shirt, so cute!

  2. Look at her. SHe is gorgeous enjoying the outside weather! It has been gorgeous here!

  3. Love the pics and she is changing so much each week. I used to hang cloth diapers outside. I was actually living in Alabama for a (short) time and they did bleach out from the sun and dry fast!

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