Has Technology Changed Birthday Parties For Kids?

I recently was invited to a kid’s birthday party the other weekend and the invitation came via a Facebook event invite. No card in the mail – no RSVP to send out. There were reminders on Facebook to RSVP. Do you still send out card or use the Facebook invite or Tweet?
I also wondered how much do parents spend on the parties these days. It’s bee a few years since my boys were little and did most of the parties at home. A few were at Chucky Cheese and places like that. According to BabyCenter.com 50% of parents spend more than $200.00 on a birthday party for their kids. 
I remember making cakes to same money on the parties. Does anyone make their own homemade cakes or do you order one of those theme cakes especially for the child? What has technology done to cakes? The way pictures can be added to the cakes to personalize them is fairly new. The price of cake can add up quickly depending on how many attend the party.
Is is recommended the number to invite to a child’s birthday party is by the age of the child plus one. If the child is 5 you should only invite 6. If the child is 12 you can invite 13. Get the picture?
Speaking of pictures the way we take pictures of todays birthday is much different from years past.  With cell phones and gadgets photos can be taken easily and instantly and put up on the web for all to see. Videos are now common place. It was a big deal 20+ years ago to have a video recorder {camcorder}. I had to borrow one because they did cost a lot – around $800. Now you can shoot videos right from your smart phone. You can then instantly share with family members who live far away. Amazing! 
What else has technology done to the traditional birthday party for your kids?

I have been a webmaster and blogger for almost 2 years for my husband’s online business and I am learning something new every day about the online business and ways to generate web traffic. (or not) Blogging was one of the ways I learned to generate traffic to our website. I started getting phone calls and emails from friends and acquaintances to help them with their websites and blogs so I started this blog.  I have found blogging to be therapeutic and love to share and learn more each day.

I am a mother of 2 sons ages 20 and 22. 
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