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I’m Elizabeth and I’m so excited to guest post today for Candice! My husband, Alex, and I co-author Our Life – a lifestyle blog about life, love, and family. We love photography and take way too many photos!! πŸ˜‰ Since the arrival of our first child in January 2011, we are trying to find balance as a young family fitting into a β€œnew normal.” Everything is a little different now, and we share our stories of discovering life all over again through our blue eyed little boy.

A milestone is technically defined as “an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.” Oftentimes when hearing the word we think of the typical motor development milestones – rolling over, crawling, standing, walking, etc. There are also all those other things that our kids do that deserve to be documented and written down – the things that we want to make sure we never forget. I set out tonight to write this post about milestones. I thought through the last few months and all of these important moments we want to always remember.

I could show you the video of the day of his birth and how incredibly precious his first few days were.
I could tell you a little bit about his first trip across the country.
I could tell you about the first time he was sick.
I could tell you about his first meal of “solid” food.
I could tell you about cutting those first two teeth.
I could tell you about how crazy it is to see him sitting and standing.
I could tell you about his monkey crawl and how he is almost impossible to keep up with now.

But instead, I have been thinking about some other milestones. There is no doubt that our children’s “firsts” are so incredibly precious. We try to get them on video, we text and call our families to share the exciting news, we so carefully document them in baby books. But there is another set of milestones that are equally precious and important, but unfortunately, the typically pass by without our notice – the “lasts.”

The last time I felt him kick me from the inside.
The last time I nursed him.
The last time he slept with his arms up on each side of his head.
The last time he did that adorable little half smile as he fell asleep.
The last time he wore newborn sized clothes.
The last time he wanted a pacifier.
The last time he was held by his great grandmother.
The last time he did the creaky little laugh we loved so much.
The last time he wanted to cuddle with his beloved teething star.

Often times, we don’t know that these moments are occurring until they have already passed us by. We look back weeks later and realize that our babies have changed, they have grown and somewhere along the way they passed a milestone – they had a “last.” It’s a reminder to me to savor every moment. It’s so easy to stress about the future or where we will be in 1/5/10 years – but instead, let’s live in this moment and make memories that will last beyond the “lasts.”

We have been frustrated with ourselves lately for not taking more good photos. We had a discussion recently about the fact that photos can make the most common day into an extra special memory. When I look back at photos years later, I can remember so much about that day and whatever we happened to be doing. The memories we are making now with our little family are going to shape the rest of our lives and I truly want every one of them documented so that I never forget. I want to remember the little things – the way that Evan’s big blue eyes grew even bigger when we set him down in the pumpkin field, the precious sound of his laugh when we hit a bump on the hay ride, the love that I felt when I watched Alex swing him into the air. These are the moments that shape my family – that form the foundation. During the good times, these memories make us smile and laugh and during the tough times these same memories make us cling to one another instead of push one another away.

Let’s take it all in and make the most of today. Because this day – the one that you thought was just “normal,” might be a milestone – and you won’t want to forget it.
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