The Nail Files!

This week my in-real-life BFF is subbing in for me for this weeks edition of “The Nail Files” while I continuously unpack my belongings. She used the Sally Hansen nail polish strips in Prep’s Cool. Have you tried these yet? Look how cute! Just peel, stick, and presto they are done and dry. 
Come link up with me over at Fabulous but Evil and show us your nail polish purchases or recommendations, pictures of your manicured nails (whether done at home or at the salon), your nail polish tips and trends, etc.
The Nail Files
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  1. Those are awesome!

  2. I love them!!! So cute!
    ♥ Kyna

  3. Very different – like them!

  4. i just recently got some of these and i'm looking forward to trying them! so cute!

  5. I haven't tried those, but the preppy mani is really cute.

  6. Love Sally Hansen nail stickers!

  7. Those are awesome!

  8. Those are a cute pattern – I tried them and didn't like them. They look okay, but they were a pain to get on and off – so not worth the money spent for me. 🙁

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