Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Do you have plans for the long weekend? We have plans on visiting DH’s brother and his family in New Jersey tomorrow and maybe Monday. Now that we live in New York we are a little over an hour away. My brother in law and his wife have twin boys that are just five weeks older than G so its a blast to see them all together. We haven’t seen them in person since Christmas so I’m excited to be able to visit them more often. 
  1. Papa sandwich – when my parents were here helping us unpack, my dad would make himself a PB&J for lunch. His PB&J is a little different because he puts butter, peanut butter, and jelly. Gross right? Well, G loves it so now we refer to it as a Papa sandwich. Don’t worry though, I do not make these sandwiches EVER, only when Papa is around does she get this “treat”.
  2. We have a basket of all her toddler dishware and it is within her reach. You can guess that she regularly empties this basket and its all over our kitchen floor. No big deal. Whatever keeps her occupied while I am busy cooking. Well, yesterday she decided to talk into her sippy cups which made a pretty loud echo. She thought she was so hysterical running around yelling, “Dada!” into the cup and hearing her voice echo back at her. 
  3. Everything is a telephone with Daddy’s number. Bananas, stud finders, you get the idea. She holds something up to her ear, and starts talking like she is having a real conversation. 
  4. Crayons! So now that she is into Crayons and coloring there have been a few mishaps. I guess she likes to draw on fabric because this chair and this chair both have a Crayon doodle. Anyone know if this stuff just washes out in the laundry?
  5. Miss America, I mean G likes to wave at everyone everywhere. Sometimes people wave back, and sometimes they don’t. When people aren’t waving back she waves harder to try and get their attention. Seriously, why wouldn’t you wave at a cute baby waving at ya?
Come and join me for more Saturday laughs over at The Mommyhood Chronicles! 
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  1. Eww, papa sandwich does sound gross, but then again, I had a spinach smoothie this morning, so I'm not one to talk:)


  2. Great laughs Candice! Stephanie loves to wave to people and say hi, too. I get mad when people at the grocery store don't say hi back. She's a toddler for cripes sake, would it kill you to say hi? Lol

  3. Peanut butter with butter- I have never heard of this! Lol! So funny that she wanted to hear the echo of her own voice. I would wave back at G anyway! Love your laughs- enjoy NJ!

  4. omg my dad used to make peanut butter and butter sandwiches when i was little. hated them! LOL

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