Wordless-ish Wednesday | Instagram Photos

Here are a bunch of random shots from my iPhone over the past couple of days. If you still haven’t signed up for Instagram then thats too bad. Its super fun and addictive. It use to be just for iPhone’s, but now you Android peeps can have a go at it too. I just made a ton of magnets for our fridge on StickyGram. Don’t leave those cool photos in your phone! Oh, and check out the picture of G and DH…do you think they look alike? He was just one in the picture. 
THIS is a kids size serving at the Eveready Diner? 
G is into counting. One, two, two, two. 
Exhausted…I’m certain I could sleep for two days straight. 
Still sleeping off the move
G on the left and DH on the right. Any resemblance? 
Annnnd still sleeping…

Linking up with some lovelies! 
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  1. They look so much alike!!! G is adorable as ever! I hope you get some sleep tonight!

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