Kids Summer Shoe Fashion

Kids sandals are available in every color and style in your imagination, and then some. Online sites have an endless list of sandals for girls and boys, and they are not inexpensive. Lelli, Kelly, and Geox have a wide range of sandals for both boys and girls.
Kids grow fast in summer when they are more active, so one pair may not make it through the warm weather months. Kids sandals do not get treated gently, either, as we know from our own experience, or from watching children run, climb and jump without a thought for preserving their shoes. Trainers, sneakers, tennis shoes, gym shoes, or whatever you want to call them, are durable and hold up well under rough use, but they are hot and confining in warm, sticky weather.
There are “amphibious” sandals and hiking sandals for kids, that are made to slog in and out of water and dry quickly. For Geox boys most of their range have adjustable velcro straps for better fit, and traction soles for better foothold. Girls’ hiking and waterproof sandals are pink and flowery, and some have bows, even though they are made to withstand gale force pounding. Boys’ sandals are fairly predictable, with grey, brown, black and navy blue coloring, but stylish. Camouflage colors seem to be on the wane now. They are rare, if they even exist anymore, and that is not bad news after the flood of “camo” in every possible try-tone combination.
Abercrombie has gone to the polar opposite of color mix and offers solid-color flip flops only. The whole flip flop is the same hue, straps and all, in five separate choices of red, white, black and grey. Zappos, DSW, LL Bean and Nordstom have online sites for kids’ sandals, and Amazon has them from very low prices to very high ones, as usual. Ordering shoes for kids is risky unless returning them is no problem. It is difficult to get a good fit at times, and being there for a trial run on the carpet is very helpful. Kids are not the most patient about a bad fit, which is better for their feet. They don’t care what size they wear as long as they like the shoe, as it should be.
Sandals may not be as risky, for fit, since they are usually without toes. Some water-hiking shoes have rubber toecaps for protection, but velcro straps may help accommodate fit. Girls’ dress sandals are very similar to women’s in some cases. High wedges and leather straps look daunting, but maybe that works for some girls. It is an age question, certainly, but also a balance issue. It may be what she wants, but it may not be what she needs. Good luck, moms.
Kids’ shoes and sandals are well-made and sturdy, if you pay the price. It may be worth it just to avoid buying four pairs that fall apart instead of one or two that fit well and hold up. The best approach may be to look online before taking the little one shopping so that you know what to expect. Decide on a price limit and a style allowance and then let your child have a look.
If they can’t have it, why show it to them? This year’s choices really are staggering.

This is a sponsored post for Charles Clinkard Fine Footwear. 

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  1. Thanks for the info! My son is quickly outgrowing his shoes so I'm always on the hunt for new ones!

  2. Thank you! We need new shoes!!

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