Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

We are off to explore the Brewster Farmer’s Market this morning. It officially opened this past Wednesday so we are excited to see what they will have. We use to love going to the Hope Street Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. I doubt this is as big and eventful, but we shall see!
  1. We went and explored our new to us Target yesterday. While we were there I noticed G look another woman up and down and then give her a “dirty” look. Where did she get this I wonder?
  2. G’s new favorite book, I Love You Stinky Face has a page with a mom blowing heart shaped kisses to her child. Every time we read that page I make a kiss sound. So now every. single. time we come to that page she puckers up and makes a kiss sound at least 10 times! I love it! 
  3. G has a new affection for fresh blueberries similar to Zane! And, with fresh blueberries come another interesting feature, green and wacky poo poo. And, for this cloth diapering family that can make thing pretty interesting. Yup, enough said. 
  4. G’s vocabulary is developing at some sort of rapid speed. She is picking up a new word every day. Must be a new leap. Anyway, over the past week she has been sleep-talking for lack of a better description. She wakes me up out of a dead sleep to works like knee, purple, and who knows what else since I’m half awake. But then she will fall silent again and we won’t hear her until she wakes in the morning. Has this happened in your house. 
  5. And lastly a video of her dusting the floor. One of her new favorite hobbies. 

Come and join me for more Saturday laughs over at The Mommyhood Chronicles! 
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  1. Sooo cute! The video is adorable!

  2. I love these laughs and can so relate! I wrote about the pucker sound too in my laughs this week!! I had a blueberry diaper to deal with this morning, oh boy those things are like crack for babies! I love the video – too bad they don't always like cleaning 😉

  3. Haha- I love that she gave the dirty look. Yah, we can comminserate over blueberries! Hysterical and poor us! She is so cute in that video. Can she come over and clean for us, please:)

  4. I love that she gave a woman the up and down and dirty look. LOVE.IT. Found you at Saturday Laughs.

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