Potty Training…Is it Time?

So here I am…or so here we are…
G will be twenty months on July 4th. 
I hear through the grapevine that there are signals. Signals that my toddler will tell me when she is ready to begin using the potty. So far she is telling me this:
  • “Poo poo” and points to her bum. I sometimes think she is saying, “purple”, but the pointing usually is a clear signal.
  • When I change her diaper or she sees a diaper she says, “Ewwwww.”
  • She like to flush the toilet.
  • She likes to put toilet paper in the toilet.
  • She has an overall curiosity about the toilet.
  • When she wants her diaper changed she brings me a new one and lays down on the floor. This is HUGE because usually a diaper change involves me or T.J. chasing her down and then kicking and screaming until the deed is done.
We cloth diaper so I’m guessing she has realized what it feels like to be uncomfortable or wet after she goes to the bathroom. So what do you think? Are these “signals” that she is ready to take the plunge {haha} into potty training?
What I don’t want to happen is an experiment. I don’t want to start something that ends up in disaster or has us digress to a point makes her curiosity turn into fear. I’m not ready for a horror show.
I haven’t bought a potty. I am merely thinking over the idea of whether she is age appropriate or mentally ready. 
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 
When did you potty train your toddler?
someecards.com - I wish we had even a clue as to what we're doing
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  1. I say yes!! I basically potty-trained myself at 19 months, I wanted big girl undies and my mom wasn't so sure, so she tried pull-ups, I would have none of it, and she decided to just put on big girl undies and I kept them dry! My son was about your daughter's age when he started showing a LOT of interest in the toilet. I actually just let him run around in nothing but a t-shirt for a couple days and he got the idea of what to do really fast! There were accidents, and it took a little bit for him to like underwear, but it worked, he was in underwear on his 2nd birthday! 🙂 I put his little potty in the living room where he played the most, so it was easy for him to go. I didn't push the issue, but when he figured out how happy i was when he used it, he was ready to do it all the time! 🙂

  2. As someone who has trained 4 children who did NOT train themselves, let me say it's a process with starts and stops. At least it has been for my kids. My girlie was much easier to train than my boys. They did not care if they were clean or dirty. She did.

    If she is bringing you diapers then I think she is ready. Make a BIG deal about going to the story and buying big girl panties. Then buy her favorite little candies. M&Ms worked great with my girlie. Summer time is great because she can spend all her time at home in just panties.

    I recommend buying a potty seat that snaps onto a regular toilet, and a stool so she can climb up there. For the first couple of days, set the timer for 15 minutes and take her every 15 minutes. After a couple of days, you should be able to increase in 5 minute increments. If she says she needs to go but doesn't do anything, still give her candy. 🙂

    After a week or two of her learning to make the pee come out when she wants it to, then you want to transition her to learning to stay dry. I use a potty chart and they get stickers for staying dry from morning to lunch, waking up from nap dry, staying dry from nap to supper. Still use the M&Ms but only 1 or 2 when she pees. The sticker chart is working toward a favorite toy or in our case trip to Chuck E Cheese. You want to make the time period only 3-4 days. Much longer than that and it's too long for a 2 yr old to understand.

    I hope this helps!! You can do it. And if you have to stop and start over it's really not that big of a deal. 🙂

  3. Oh boy what a process! I think I need to call you to give you some things what worked for me and what didn't. It could take me all day,lol! Needless to say, H was potty trained late!

  4. I am not a fan of making anything a big deal and I don't do bribes – but all of this isn't a moral code, it's probably just laziness. Anyway, my son showed similar signs at 18 months. We gave it a go, but it didn't take at all. So we backed off and waited another 6 months. Then he was ready to make it stick.

    My daughter will be much sooner I think. She is 16 months and starting to show all these signs.

    It is possible, you just have to find what works for both of you. I was potty trained at 16 months, my brother at 20 months and my other brother at 26 months. Everyone has their own timeline but you are absolutely right about seeing her signs.

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