Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Happy weekend! 
  1. G goes through my vanity drawers while I am getting ready in the morning. Today she took my deodorant out and put it under her arms as if she was putting it on! What the?! Guess she is really paying attention to everything I do these days. 
  2. When T.J. brought in the groceries the other day she was helping take them out of the bags and handing them to me to put away. Well, one of those items was a dozen eggs. Three survived and the rest…not so much! 
  3. When I was filling the bath the other night, G thought it was also going to be time for her baby doll to have a bath too. She threw it into the tub from behind me and luckily my reflexes were on the ball because I caught baby doll. This is not a doll that is meant to get wet. And, even after I explained that to her she tried to toss baby doll into the washing machine when I was putting a new load of laundry in. Maybe this baby is dirty?
  4. G is all about doing things on her own now. If she is playing with blocks then its hands off, if she is going down the stairs she doesn’t want to hold hands, if we are playing with the shape sorter she doesn’t want any help. My little gal is growing up too fast! 
  5. Here new favorite saying is, “I do” which goes hand in hand with #4. Its adorable to hear her stringing words together now. 
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  1. Cute age! I can't wait for my littlest one to get to toddlerhood:)


  2. Aw…she wants to be just like Mommy! I love that she wanted that baby washed! They grow up WAY to fast! Stopping by from the blog hop!

  3. She is learning young how great deotart is! Oh no, no the eggs! I love that Ms. G is becoming so independent! What a cutie!

  4. Love that you got such good help with your eggs 😉

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