Summer Travel & Home Safety

The summer months are a busy time for families. From taking day trips to the beach to visiting long-distance relative, a lot of time is spent out of your house during the summer months. That’s not even including a sumer vacation! In between organizing travel, packing your essentials and getting the children bundled into the car ready for the next adventure, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day when it comes to summer excursions. But there is one thing that really needs your attention before you leave the house; the security of your home and garden. When you have a young family your mind can get preoccupied thinking about their needs, particularly when you’re taking a trip. But it would be really horrible to come back from a delightful vacation to find your house has been robbed, so it’s really beneficial for you to do some checks around your him and garden before you leave.
If you are taking a vacation, its worth checking your home a couple of weeks before you go so you have the time to implement any changes if necessary. To find out if you need to make any security changes to your home, first look at the outside. What would you do if you got locked out? Are there any discernible ways you could get in the house without having to use your keys? If there are, make sure you do something about it. If you can spot any weakness, you can be sure a seasoned criminal will too. Make sure all your windows are shut whenever you leave the house (if may seems a pain during the summer heat, but you can open them once you get home). Check your locks and door hinges, as over time they can become weakened through the wear and tear. An obvious, but really important investment is a home security system. But it’s not just about buying one; you also have to take the time to know how to program it correctly.
You also need to make sure your garden is secure, especially if you have any outbuilding such as a garage, a wooden shed, or a greenhouse as these are potential targets for criminals. This is as a result of more and more people keeping expensive equipment in these places. Outbuildings are often not alarmed, so thieves have an easier chance of getting in and out without being noticed. Again, check locks and hinges on doors and windows, and also make sure there is no way that they can get in through the roof. Also make sure the fences around your back garden are secured, to prevent anyone sneaking through to the property from that direction. As an extra precaution, you could also grow some prickly bushes around the bottom of the fence, to deter would-be burglars from tying to jump over. 
These tasks probably do soon quite boring, especially when you’re busy with everything else on your to-do list. But it is really important to make sure your property is secure, even if you’re not going on vacation. Once you’ve checked everything you can really enjoy your summer, whether you’re at home or away!
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