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On National Relaxation Day (August 15), we decided to take a not-so-relaxing ride from NY to RI. We picked up a dozen bagels, headed east, and wondered what’s so relaxing about driving for 3 hours with a toddler who wouldn’t let up until Daddy let her have his nasty Red Sox hat.

When we arrived at my parents’ house, we dropped off their little sweet face (as Grandma calls her), and headed to Walmart to get more relaxation. T needed stuff for his “Back to School”…seriously, he might be a college professor now, but he’s been at school in one way or another since he was 3. While he bought his fancy school supplies–pen refills, pens, and pads–I went on my search for some TCBY. Back to school is going to be a bit rough: it’ll be cool for T to have a three-day weekend every week this fall, but he’s basically going to be at work from morning to night from Tuesday-Thursday (on Tuesdays, he won’t be home until 10:30 PM). The stress of being alone with G for that long, for four days in a row, is starting to take its toll. Plus, I have to hear about how T is going to have SO MUCH work, SO MANY students, blah blah blah. Nothing that some frozen deliciousness can’t help fix.

At Walmart, I came to an empty freezer section where the TCBY used to be. I guess the freezers broke down the night before?!! Uh oh! While T went to customer service and acted like some TCBY rep on an important marketing mission, I asked a friendly employee to check the back for more. He got me Strawberry Swirl Bars, Classic Vanilla Sandwiches (with the chocolate cookie outside), Orange and Vanilla bars, and Chocolate Fudge Bars. I also bought Rainbow Sherbet for Papa. While he bought his fancy school supplies, I got Crayons and Crayon markers for G..good thing, because Saturday has turned into a drencher. Want to see the rest of our adventure to Walmart? Check out my Google+ album.

After Walmart, T grabbed a coffee and scarfed down a chocolate fudge bar on my parents’ deck while he came up with a lesson plan for some medieval story he has to teach in a couple of weeks. I had the strawberry swirl. After dinner, Papa had his sherbet “nummies” for the night, and Grandma made a couple of secret trips to the fridge while Papa dozed off in front of the tube, so I have no idea what she had. I guess frozen yogurt treats are one way to take a break from T’s back to school drama and ready myself for some drama at the parents’.

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  1. Those look amazing! I haven’t seen them around here yet, but I hope they come soon! I want to try a TCBY yogurt pop! (Ok, I sound like a kid now, LOL!)

  2. So even though he’s a grown up he still need supplies? That’s just too cute! I hear you on the being alone with a baby for the entire day, that’s pretty much what it was like for me when we had our first one. Thankfully she went to bed at 6pm (still does at 5 years old!), so the day was over quickly. I just filled the days with Music Together classes, meals, naps (or 1 one-hour nap in her case), Gymboree, playdates, daycare at the gym…


  3. Strawberry swirl is my daughter’s favorite frozen yogurt – I didn’t realize they came in bars! Definitely looking for them the next time I go to the store.

  4. Those look so good. I love TCBY Yogurt pops.

  5. Those are so good. We have them in our house and eat them regularly. TJ looks like he loves it!!

  6. Looks good!! And after the big move you need some relaxing!!

  7. Haven’t seen them at our Walmart yet – but I keep looking! Hoping they arrive soon – they look so tempting!

  8. Yum! Love TCBY! Too bad there isn’t a Walmart near me 🙁

  9. We haven’t tried these yet, but they look very delicious! I like the fact that it’s only 100 calories per bar – guilt free desserts, yay!

  10. Strawberry Swirl is my favorite TCBY Frozen Yogurt flavor! Sounds like the perfect way to relax! Grandma’s secret trips to the fridge – too cute!


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