Its Been Two Weeks…I Think I Recovered?

I started out my trip to NYC by taking the train from my house. About an hour train ride. Riding at rush hour into the city is no joke around here. I may reconsider if I ever have to do that again. First things first, I met up with Melissa, Melissa, and MJ for some brunch at Sara Beths. This is a great place to brunch in NYC right next to Central Park called SarahBeths. We ate, laughed, and got our game faces on for BlogHer.

After brunch three of us went to the DryBar to bring our hair back to life and then check into our room at the Hilton.

After that we hit up the our first party and got to see some cool new products from Sharper Image, Bongo, and Waverly just to name a few. Then it was back to the hotel to change and make a quick trip through the Exhibit hall. Totally overwhelming and only got through 1/2 of the first floor that night. Then off to the Social Soirée cocktail party with Megan and Joanna!

Social Soiree NYC 2012

After that we went met up with some other local Rhode Island bloggers and got some late night dinner. Yea, dinner at 10PM! Then off to the People’s Party for a bit before I decided to head back to my room around midnight, take a shower and crawl into bed. This Mama is not use to late nights.

Up and early Friday to go to the Highlights Hello brunch. Then the Verizon lunch where we heard about Hope Line and where I won this great new Tablet that I gave to my parents!

Back to the exhibit hall again to check out the second floor and spend time checking out all the great vendors. And after a couple hours there I dropped off some swag in my room and headed out to grab a slice of Ray’s Famous Pizza with Melissa, Joanna, and Sara.  A bunch of us were invited to the Hasbro party that night so after dinner we headed back to the Hilton to get ourselves party ready. The SparkleCorn Party was also that night and we were super excited to check that out too. DJ Skribble made that a party not to forget!

I have NO IDEA when my roommate Melissa and I finally went to sleep that night, but I was excited to wake up the next morning knowing I’d be one of the first to see and experience Starbucks new machine, Verismo, a single-cup machine for making espresso beverages at home!

After that much needed burst of caffeine I had a pretty chill day and checked out some of the other exhibits with Megan like the Hershey’s suite where we made smores!

The finale of my blogher weekend was going to the Land’s End Back to School party with Jodi. I learned so much from Jodi that night about makeup and beauty and got to see a ton of new fall fashion from Land’s End. Wow, they have some amazing kids clothes and products now. Bright colors clothes and fun backpacks and back to school supplies. We had mini beauty session with hair, and makeup that ended with a professional head shot.

 I got back to my room around 9 that last night of Blogher and decided to pack up all my stuff, order some room service, take a long hot shower and just chill in my pj’s. Saturday night I had two new roommates, Jen and Liza.

T.J. drove into the city on Sunday to pick me up around 9am. I was ready to see my family and get back to my “normal” day to day.

This is what 3 gals leaving blogher looks like:

 Without having these Rhody locals to party with at this conference I would have been lost. Much love to all you ladies!

Kameron from My Wrinkle In Time
Liza from Cira’s Lyrics
Joanna from Baby Gators Den
Megan from A Baby Makes Four
Liz from Learning to Juggle
Jessica from 30 Something Mother Runner
Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles
Candice from The New Modern Mom
Sarah from Soxys Diamond
Jen from Keekoin
Elizabeth from Documama
Cathy from Twins with Tots
Audrey from Mom Generations
Sarah from Sweet Lil You
Melissa from Filling our Bucket

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!

  2. Best weekend over with the best roomie ever! xoxo

  3. Wow, I had read that many companies gave out products there. Did Verizon give all that attended the tablet? Sounds like a great time.

    • Yes! LOTS of products up for grabs. Very overwhelming for my first time around. I actually won that tablet by checking into the Verizon lunch on Foursquare!

  4. Looks like an awesome time!!!

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