Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

I’m guest blogging for Melissa this week over on her site so be sure to head on over there for more laughs and to link up!

  1. G has learned to give us kisses, but her version is a bit different than what you would expect. When I ask her for a kiss before bed, she puts her cheek to mine and then makes a kiss sound. Its the sweetest thing and I look forward to it every night. I think she got this from her cousin Julian because last time they were together he kissed her cheek. My heart melted when I saw it. They are just 5 weeks apart in age.
  2. When we were eating pizza on Wednesday night, G decided to pick the fresh basil off the top of the pizza, first rub it on her cheek, then put it on her eyelid, and finally stuck it up her nose. Way up her nose. T.J. went to get the nasal aspirator, but it was too far gone. I guess that nurse was right when she told me that would be the most invaluable baby item I would take home from the hospital.
  3. G is into jumping on the couch and the bed. We don’t let her do this EVER, but occasionally she gets away with it under our close supervision. The other night T.J. was letting her jump on the couch after dinner and she got a huge case of the giggles. She was bouncing and laughing so hard she was tooting! I tried to grab a video, but I was also laughing too hard from watching her have so much fun. You can see what I did get on video below instead. A toddler making a beeline for my iPhone!
  4. There is a house that we pass everyday on our walk. At the bottom of the driveway this house has two posts with owls on top of each. Every.single.time we pass this driveway, G says, “Two Owls”. But it doesn’t end there. She will continue to say two owls for the next 40 minutes we are walking.
  5. When T.J. is driving and travels over a speed hump {which are all over our neighborhood} he says, “Ka-Boom”. Well, the other night while we were eating dinner G got on a roll and keep saying, “Ka-Boom” while flinging her food all over the place. It was definitely a case of Ka-Boom gone bad.

Join me for more Saturday laughs over at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

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