Fall Fabric Pennant Banner Tutorial

Now that we have a fireplace I’m totally excited to make it all fab for the holidays. I wanted to take my time and think about how I want it to look before I go crazy buying any decorations. Of course I’ve skimmed Pinterest at least a few times to see if I could find any inspiration there, but nothing was jumping out at me.
As I was looking on another favorite site of mine, Etsy, for decorations and inspiration for G’s upcoming birthday I saw a TON of pennants. And that is when I knew I needed one for my Fall mantle.
This project cost $1.25 for the rope at Michael’s and everything else I had on hand. I repurposed a curtain I had made for the kitchen in our last place, used small brads from my scrapbooking supplies and the rest was manual labor. Total time spent on this was about 30 minutes.

Here is what you will need:

  1. fabric {like hardly any} maybe a couple feet
  2. good fabric scissors
  3. brads
  4. rope/twine
  5. ruler
  6. This template
  • Trace and cut out your pennants. I cut out six.
  • Take a minute to drape your twine across your mantle or where you are going to hang this. Cut the twine to desired length leaving about  inches on either end for hanging. Better to leave a little extra initially and cut more later.
  • Measure how far apart you want the pennants depending on the length of your mantle. I spaced them every eight inches because I wanted an even amount.
  • Start applying your pennants to your twine using the brads. I used three for each pennant applying the ones on either end first then the middle.
  • I hammered one tiny nail on each end of the mantle to tie the pennant to.
  • Hang her up!
fall fabric pennant banner tutorial

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  1. Wow, great idea. Thanks for sharing. Simple and really cute!

  2. SO cute!! I may have to do this on our mantle 🙂

  3. I love it! And I love the idea of using the brads! Genius! Thanks so much for linking up!

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