Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

We don’t have much planed other than hanging out around the house with the new pup.

What will you be up to?

  1. G is starting to learn her ABC’s. So far it goes like this, A, B, D, O. Its too cute because she goes around singing it to herself out loud. 
  2. Yesterday I had to take Rhody out for a second so he could do his business. I left G alone on the first floor because its totally safe and I can see her from where I would be standing. When I walked out the door I left her on the couch with the iPad playing with her favorite Elmo app. Well, as I was standing outside I could see her walking towards the front door…its a screen door. I see her put the iPad on the floor and then I see that half of her diaper is hanging off. I scooped up the pup and walked in the door to her pulling off the rest of the diaper that was on. I guess we won’t be using the velcro fluff stash anymore. 
  3. Even though we cloth diaper, on occasion we do use a disposable and sometimes use disposable wipes. We still have the diaper genie set up next to the changing table for just those occasions. The other day I was stuffing some cloth diapers and heard this banging sound coming from behind me. I turned around to see G banging on the diaper genie like it was a bongo drum. I guess it looks like one so why not right?
  4. Bath time has gotten interesting. I think I must sound like a broken record the entire length of the bath. All G does is stand and all I do is ask her to sit. I mean, who stands while taking a bath. Its cold if you’re not in the water right? Well, when she is in the water she likes to be belly down with just her face above the water. Legs are kicking and arms are flapping. I think she may be teaching herself to swim? 
  5. The first day we brought Rhody home we set his water dish down in the kitchen on the floor. Well, next thing you know G is carrying the water dish {not level} to the pup. She wants so much to be a helper but left a trail of water from the kitchen to the living room. Silly gal! 

Join me for more Saturday laughs over at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

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  1. LOVE this. Your Saturday laughs are typically my favorite Saturday post 🙂 So, so funny.

  2. I love that you named your pup Rhody!!!

  3. I love that you named the doggy Rhody- how awesome! LOL at her singing her ABCs- too cute! You should get video of this! THat video cracks me up! So cute!!!!

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