Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

  1. G likes to look at herself in her huge, sliding-glass-door mirrors.  Especially when she’s going crazy.  When she dances and screeches, she checks to see what she looks like.  When she has a full-blown tantrum, she checks herself out, too, as if to ask, “Do I look like a crazy, angry girl?  OK, good, now I can keep on screaming.”
  2. Some mornings, she wakes up asking for me or Daddy.  Other mornings, she wakes up and cries out, “Blue Car!”  Good idea: start softening us up now for that Sweet-16 blue Beamer…or, more like that blue, beat-up Buick.
  3. G knows enough about Rhody’s wiener to say, “Eww!” whenever he rolls over.
  4. G now wants to be a puppy.  She tries to pick up Rhody’s bone and toys with her teeth.  Glorious…
  5. I think I’ve already mentioned how G says “Hello” like a Brit and “Bye-bye” like a Southern belle.  She also says “Diaper” like a French mademoiselle: “Daipeh.”

G Bench

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  1. She is so funny! You best start saving- I see a Corvette in her making. Too cute with G and Rhody- I love their interaction. Haha- I love her accent. How cute!

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