23 Month Update | One Month To 2!

What is going on? Only one short month until my first born is 2! I can hardly type the words…

Latest Developments: 

  • Your new favorite book is…any book with stickers. After you use one sticker, you try to say “another, another.”
  • You can say SO many words. I think there are something like 100+ now. I’ve lost count. Also, you are stringing them together to make simple sentences and express your thoughts. You also get really frustrated when you can’t tell me something.  You’ve said “Bunky up tree,” “who’s that?”, “Pooh, Tig, outside” (for that sweet Pooh and Tigger party your cousins had for their birthday.
  • Temper tantrums! There still with us, but not still not often.  You tend to throw your cup, your fork, your spoon, and food when you are pissy at the table.  You also bang your head on the floor and the wall, but very softly.  Even when you’re that angry, you know enough not to give yourself a boo-boo.
  • You are learning how to feel jealous.  When I used a green whisk that you decided was your toy, you flipped!  “Green, Green…AAAAAHHHHH!”
  • You also know how to say no, or at least not follow directions.  When Daddy told you to use a spoon for your apple sauce, you said, “Fork,” with a mean look.  As expected, you ate your apple sauce with a fork, until YOU decided a spoon was necessary.
  • You are so obsessed with dogs and Elmo.  Now that we have Rhody, you love to get his toys, give him hugs, pull his tail (which we don’t encourage), lie with him while he chews, watch him eat, and say “Nuh-night Rhody.”
  • You love to take walks with Daddy through the yards in our complex.  You love to look at trees and flowers, and you love to pick up sticks and move rocks.
  • You play dress up now.  You wear a hat that Uncle Vin gave you, you wear my necklaces and headbands, and you show yourself off in front of your bedroom mirror.
  • Every day, you tell us to get the mail from the mailman.  You are still OBSESSED with the mail. On Sunday or holiday’s when there is no mail you tend to freak out if we don’t walk over to the mailboxes.
  • Now that we have cable, you will watch Sesame Street clips from time to time.  You are bored with our dvd collection.  Even The Best of Elmo is put away.
  • You are still such a little helper. You help take the laundry out of the dryer and put it in the basket, you like to help push the vacuum, and you like to help put away the groceries. You did smash your first dozen of eggs, but I guess it happens to all of us at one point or another.
  • You basically don’t eat any veggies other than corn and cucumber.  At least there’s that, and tomato sauce.
  • You love to see your cousins.  You are such a little giver.  You bring them water, give them snacks, give them toys, and try to give them hugs.
  • You have been trying new things like stomping, running in place, and doing splits.
  • You want three stuffed animals in your crib at night, but you don’t like all three to stay with you.  Eeyore and Sweet Pea  you immediately toss out.  You then get your golden retriever stuffed animal, say “Doggie” or “Puppy,” reach for a blanket, and cuddle yourself to sleep.  Unless you fight nap time…and you do fight nap time.
  • You are learning to sleep with a blanket. You don’t wear a sleep sack any more.  Now you cuddle with a blanket, but Mommy and Daddy have to come in before our bed time to put the blanket back on you.  When winter comes, we might have to go back to a sleep sack, or a bigger blanket.  You use your golden retriever lovie as a pillow!  Next, a real pillow!
Clothes: You’re wearing 2T in both tops and bottoms, but 3T in PJ’s.
Sleep: Bedtime is around 6:30/7PM. Lately you have been waking up during the night or in the morning to say whatever is on  your mind, which usually includes an “Uh oh…Oh no…”
Nap(s): Just one nap a day now, but recently there have been days with no naps.  You usually fall sleep between 12:30 and 1:30, and you sleep for one and a half to two hours.
Eating: You drink your whole milk from a bottle and will only drink water from the sippy cup. We need to work on this…STILL!!!!  You like juice now, too.
Teeth: 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth plus 2 top and 3 bottom molars. There are more teeth pushing though and I think its the fang teeth on top.
Happy 23 month birthday sweet girl! 
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