Glitter Pumpkins!

I know, I keep saying that Fall is my favorite season, but I just get so excited as what Fall has to offer…including my favorite seasonal craft, glitter pumpkins! I have been making these glitter pumpkins for at least seven years. I think the only year I skipped was the year G was born. 🙂 It was my friend Savannah who turned me on to these glitter pumpkins and of course its an idea that those clever peeps over at Martha Stewart initially developed.

My first endeavor on to this project had me ordering glitter online from a place called Art Glitter. I have been using that same glitter all these years. A little goes a long way and if you shake the excess back into the container it will last and last.

Now that Martha has her own line of glitter at Michael’s you could just go there for immediate gratification.

Here is what you will need:

  • Medium sized paintbrush
  • White glue
  • Paper plate or newspaper
  • glitter
  • pumpkin(s) – I used sugar pumpkins.
  1. Use your paintbrush to spread a complete layer of white glue over the surface of the pumpkin.
  2. Hold the pumpkin over a paper plate or newspaper to catch excess glitter.
  3. Sprinkle glitter all over the pumpkin covering it completely.
  4. Let dry for about 1 hour; shake off excess glitter.
These pretties will last for several months so you can show them off right through Thanksgiving.

penny, persimmon, orange, and pink champagne

glitter pumpkins via @thenewmodernmom

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  1. I LOVE this! I am grabbing some glitter and tiny pumpkins for the mantle today!

  2. I loooooooove those!!! They look awesome 🙂

  3. They look so great!!

    • I’m so happy you linked up with Project Pinterest! I’m pinning to my boards now- would you mind adding a link to your post or my button letting us all know you linked up? I would appreciate it! Thank you, again! … I’m off to buy some glitter now!!

  4. They look great! I looooove sparkles!


  6. I use the fake pumpkins from Joann’s then I can put them out every year. My daughter brought one to school last week for show and tell.

  7. Those are so pretty, what a cute simple way to dress up your halloween decor!

  8. Very cool! They turned out great!

  9. Wow! Those pumpkins look really nice – like the owls, too. 🙂


  10. These look very cool! I would attempt it with my Girl Scout troop, but I am afraid of the mess ~ LOL!

  11. Those are so cute!! I love it!!!

  12. these are awesome!

  13. SO CUTE

  14. Those came out awesome!! Some of the girls on my The Crafty Collaborative website made them too and loved them!! They were all glitter happy!

  15. AWESOME job and great pictures! So festive!

  16. Christina Lizaso says:

    This is perfect for making TEAL pumpkins to spread awareness during the holidays!

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