Mega Bloks First Builders Party! #MegaBloksParty

I was super excited when I found out I was selected to host a Mega Bloks party! My twin nephews were about to turn two and I though this would be such a fun addition and surprise to their second birthday party. I was a little concerned initially because FedEx had mis-delivered our package, but they came through and the box of Mega Bloks arrived on my doorstep just two days before the party. Whew!

I let G play with the Play ‘n Go Wagon at home before the party. I had a hunch the boys wouldn’t be interested in a pink toy. 🙂 Also, its not easy keeping a giant box of goodies away from a curious toddler.

This wasn’t her first time playing with Mega Bloks. My parents have a big set at their house back in Rhode Island and its one of the first toys she goes for in her toy chest. You can hear the bag unzip and all the blocks splash down on the hard wood floor. Then she looks around for Papa {my dad, a retired architect/builder} to help her build something magnificent.

You can imagine the look on their little faces when T.J., me, and G walked in with all the toys! The children at the party ranged in age from 23 months to 5 years. I don’t think it matters how old or young you are, blocks are fun! I even saw some adults playing with them! 🙂

For our party we recieved:

  • ABC Spell! –  is for fun! Build ’n Learn ABC Spell! First Builders from Mega Bloks are the perfect tools for educational, imaginative play. With over 100 letters, these big, vibrant blocks support your child’s language development, encouraging letter recognition and basic spelling skills. These blocks are compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builders sets and come in a new eco-friendly, PVC-free bag with strap for easy cleanup. Watch your little one grow with Build ’n Learn ABC Spell!
  • 1-2-3 Count! – What’s 1+1? Propel your little learner’s math skills with Build ’n Learn 1-2-3 Count! First Builders from Mega Bloks. These big, colorful blocks are the perfect tools to teach your child basic counting skills. As your little one develops, introduce the addition and subtraction blocks for more advanced learning. Educational playtime makes learning fun and prepares your child for kindergarten. Build, play, and learn with over 50 numbers to count and stack. When playtime is over, store the set in our new eco-friendly, PVC-free tote bag.
  • Tiny ‘n Tuff Race n’ Chase Rig – Take the Tiny ’n Tuff Race ’n Chase Rig by Mega Bloks on a speedy adventure! Hauling Henry is ready to roll with his friends Zooming Zack and Speeding Sammy in back. With a quick flip of the handle, the rig transforms into a ramp, rocketing your little driver’s cars into a high-speed race. These freewheeling friends capture your child’s imagination, transporting them to a world of twists and turns on a raceway of creativity. Great for independent and cooperative play.
  • Pink – Play ‘n Go Wagon – Your child’s blocks can go anywhere with the pink Play ‘n Go Wagon! The Mega Bloks pink wagon has a bin that loads and dumps blocks anywhere with ease, a secure handle for little hands with a block slide to transport blocks into the wagon, and four sturdy wheels. The wagon also comes with a removable building plate so your child can bring their creations anywhere they want!
What I love about the Mega Bloks first builders line:
  • Block sets come in a eco-friendly, PVC-free bag! Love this. No toxic plastic smell. Actually a plastic bag I don’t mind having around and storing the toys in.
  • Bright primary colors. G has been learning her colors, letters and numbers with the help of these blocks. The blocks come with decals that take only a couple of minutes to apply and then you just set your imagination free. Everyone had a great time lining up the alphabet and number blocks in order.
  • Along with the letters in the ABC Spell set there are animal blocks. So, you can spell out the word cat and then snap each piece onto the block with the cat decal. I love this feature!
  • A timeless toy. Blocks are a toy that G goes to every day. For some reason they just don’t get old. And, with so much variety the options are endless.
  • You can build up your collection by purchasing additional set from the Mega Bloks first builders series and they will interlock.
  • Many developmental benefits: colors and shapes, social development, language, math and science, problem solving, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination, gross motor skills, focus and attention, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Price point – prices start at $19.99 which is a great value for thirty or more blocks.

Julian loves the Tiny ‘n Tuff Race ‘n Chase Rig

 So, does your little one have a favorite Mega Bloks toy yet?

I received one or more of the above products for free as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. I only recommend products I personally believe would be a good fit for my readers. 

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  1. How fun! They look like they are really enjoying them. We love Mega Bloks!

  2. I think my daughter would have loved that wagon!

  3. Wow! What fun for the kids! Just love all these building blocks, really gets their imagination going!

  4. Well now I want those for my kids! What a fun party idea, don’t you love the awesome opportunities that you get as a blogger?

    Happy weekend, off to the pumpkin patch now! Fingers crossed all 3 kids like it:)


  5. Oh my goodness! How much fun! We love Mega Bloks and it looks like ya’ll had a great time!

  6. My nephew just turned 2 and he has tried to put together lego type blocks that are smaller and while he can get them if he really tries it takes him a long time on each piece so he gives up after only getting a few pieces together. I think I’m going to buy him some megabloks for christmas this year.

  7. How much fun is this. My kids loved Mega blocks when they were younger.

  8. My kids loved Mega Bloks when they were younger! It would keep them occupied so I was able to get things done that I needed more than 5 minutes.

  9. Aw, your kids are adorable!! I didn’t know these existed, I love that you can use the bloks to teach spelling. Now I know what to get my baby cousin for Christmas 🙂

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