Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

Welcome to the weekend! I think we are going to just hang around the house this weekend. Maybe take a ride to Fishkill Farms Apple Orchard if the weather permits. TJ made a yummy chicken and escarole soup the other day and we have been enjoying it all week. I think I’ll make a mini Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. I just love to have the oven on when the weather is cool and crisp!

  1. G is really into feeding Rhody her snacks. No matter how many times I tell her not to she does it anyway. I have resorted to taking away the snacks, but that leads to toddler meltdown. I guess if he eats a few Earth’s Best Pop Snacks every once in a while or some apple it won’t kill him.
  2. While both Grandmothers were here last weekend G happened to drop one of their iPads on her foot. Surprisingly it really messed up her toe and toenail enough to make it bleed. Who knew that thing could be a weapon? Anyway all week she has been pointing to her toe and saying, “Nonna iPad boo boo”.
  3. We went Muscoot Farm twice last weekend! G is so obsessed with the cows there. The first day we went we saw the cows feeding in the barn. Once cow named Raspberry was especially hungry and was getting impatient while waiting for her hay. She let out the loudest mooooooo any of us had ever heard and G nearly climbed up T.J.’s back. But, she loved that cow even more. The next day went we drove in she put the biggest smile on. She knew exactly where we were.
  4. Yesterday when G woke from her nap she kept repeating, “Yogurt, Mmmmmmm.” Guess she woke with an appetite!
  5. I brought G’s Cozy Coupe in from outside figuring she could drive it around the first floor. Today she watched her morning hour of Seasame Street while sitting in the car. Guess you could call it a “toddler drive through”!

Have a great weekend! XO

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  1. I love that she sat in her car to watch her show! That is hilarious. I think if i brought in outdoor toys, my floors would get ruined, but I also have bigger kiddos!

  2. How cute is she. She likes to share her snacks. Too cute! Haha- look at her watching Sesame Street in it. Just chill in’! That is so cute with the cows-I love it!

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