Stay Safe with the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit at Pep Boys!

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WInter is quickly approaching here in New England! Time to make sure your car is ready for the cold winter elements which means checking your tires, headlights, and windshield wipers. Usually TJ takes care of all the car maintanance, but I should keep myself knowledgeable about what is available to keep us safe all year.

Is is espcially important to have both headlights and rear brake lights in good working order. When its snowing or raining you want to make sure that other cars can see you on the road. And, when we change the clocks next month it will be darker longer…even more reason to make sure other drivers can see you.

October is Headlight safety month, the perfect time for drivers to address a key safety issue on America’s roads that rarely comes to light: dim headlight bulbs and hazy headligh lenses, which may reduce visability.

The 3M headlight restoration Kit makes it easy to address those issues and is available at your local Pep Boys stores. Use this mail in rebate for great savings!

This kit allows you to the ability to do the work yourself and in the comfort of your own garage or driveway. No tools required and a fraction of what a professional cleaning would cost. Just another example of how 3M has been a staple in automotive solutions for over 90 years!

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Just check out this before and after picture!

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This Headlight Restoration Kit seems like the perfect “tool” for me to take care of my car and my family too!

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  1. Wow – the eadlight Restoration Kit works great! I will have to share this with my boyfriend. His headlights can use some restoration. 🙂

  2. I’ll have to share this with my son. He is always working on cars.

  3. That’s cool. I’ve replaced headlight because I couldn’t figure out how to get the fog to go away. Thanks for sharing.

  4. So cool and perfect timing! I have a light that needs replacing right now as we speak!

  5. That is so good to know with the fall months coming!

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