Turn an Ordinary Day into a Cupcake Day with #CoolWhipFrosting #CBias

Sometimes you just need to make a plain old weekday special. You don’t have to go over the top and put out a huge gourmet feast for your family and match the decor. Sometimes just keeping it simple is enough to show how much you care and turn a plain old Thursday into a FABULOUS Thursday.

I decided to make cupcakes yesterday just kind of spur of the moment. I usually am a from-scratch kind of gal, but I wasn’t feeling it and again, wanted to keep things simple. I knew I needed a couple of things at Walmart so I loaded G and myself into the car around 9am and headed out. First, I needed a new baby/pet gate since ours broke. Blah. Then it was off to the Halloween section to get some inspiration. I knew I wanted a Halloween themed cupcake and Walmart had a cupcake liner and topper set for less than $2.00! Then I grabbed a box of cake mix and was looking around for frosting. I could easy whip up some buttercream, but who feels like it? I was browsing up and down the aisles and even went into the refrigerator/freezer section of the grocery department. Then I saw it…Cool Whip Frosting! Cool Whip is a name I grew up with. In fact, I can remember eating it right out of the container…while it was still frozen!

There were three flavors to choose from chocolate, cream cheese, and vanilla. At less than $3.00 each I could have bought all three, but I chose the vanilla since I wanted to tint the frosting a Halloween-ish color. You can view the rest of my shopping trip with G here in my Google+ album.

Once we got home I quickly got to baking up the cupcakes with little effort. In less than a half an hour we had vanilla cupcakes baked and cooling. The Cool Whip Frosting suggests you defrost it in the refrigerator for 4 hours or on the counter for 1 hour prior to use so I put it on the counter as soon as we arrived back home. To frost the cupcakes I tinted the Cool Whip Frosting orange with food coloring and I mixed it right in the container. Love that! Then I put the frosting into a zip top bag and cut the tip off so I could frost the cupcakes. It doesn’t take much effort to make these boxed cupcakes look and taste delicious. I remember my mom frosting cupcakes with a butter knife…what a hassle when you can just use a bag!

What I like about this Cool Whip Frosting is that you can keep it fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or you can refreeze it for longer storage. That way you don’t have to worry about wasting food.

One 10.6 ounce tub will frost:

  • (1) 13×9-inch cake
  • (1) 8 or 9-inch 2-layer cake
  • (24) cupcakes

Join me for the #CoolWhipFrosting Twitter Party on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 1pm EST

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  1. Yum.. those cupcakes look amazing! Thanks for letting me know about these Cool Whip frostings–I’ve never seen them before, but will definitely get them now!

  2. I’ve seen this frosting in the store and it looks amazing. I am going to pick up a container.

  3. I haven’t tried the Cool Whip frosting yet, but I think I need to now. Those spooky cupcakes look delicious!

  4. Oh I want some cupcakes now! Those look delicious! I Have tried the cream cheese frosting flavor from Cool whip and it is Delicious! It is now my Go To frosting all the time!

  5. We recently tried the Cool Whip frosting and it was a huge hit at our house! We tried the vanilla. Cream cheese is next on my list!

  6. Oh my goodness! I love frosting made with Cool Whip. I had no idea that they sold Cool Whip frosting! Yum!

  7. I want to try the cream cheese kind! Mmmm, that might just need to happen tomorrow!

  8. They look GREAT! Yum!! Love the different Cool Whip Frosting flavors!!!

  9. You are NOT helping my diet a bit, but I suppose that looking at the screen isn’t cheating 😀 Those literally look to die for!

  10. YUM! These look absolutely amazing.

  11. oh my gosh i didn’t even know cool whip frosting existed! how did i not know this? thanks for the tip! 🙂 can’t wait to try it.

  12. This looks fabulous and so easy!

  13. Man, Candice. Those look so good! YOu are a fantastic chef and baker!

  14. Your easy frosting technique worked out beautifully! Thanks for sharing your great tips to turn an ordinary day into a great day so easily 🙂

  15. Those cupcake toppers are too cute! I love the orange you added to make them more “festive” too(:

  16. Those turned out so pretty with the orange frosting. I love how this frosting is creamy yet holds up to the decorator bag!

  17. Janet jones says:

    Can not find Cool Whip Frosting at any food store. Did you discontinue making it. I used around the Holidays and we loved it. Can you respond with information. Thank you.


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