Family Fun Time Over the Holiday Weekend with Just Dance 4! #CleverJD4 #spon

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Here we are! Its officially Thanksgiving day! In our house we are hosting T.J.’s oldest brother, his wife, and their twin 2 year old boys for the weekend! You better believe once those kids go to bed we will be breaking out the adult beverages and games!

So, G is going to show her boy cousins her dance moves.  She loves to dance.  She’ll jump around saying, “Asa, asha , asa, asa…” raising her arms and making fun, smiley faces.  She’ll do it in front of a mirror, while she’s watching Sesame Street, when we get home from the store, when we get ready to leave the store, when she sees the dog, when she sees the dog taking a nap, when she wants to wake up the dog from his nap…and when we kick on the wii to play Just Dance 4.  She is amazed that when you hold a wii controller, you can follow the person on the screen shake shake shake.  She thinks it’s hilarious when Daddy and I get going.  She does her version of a moonwalk now, splits on demand, and plays the drums with whisks and cork hot plates to the beat.  We usually have to keep Rhody in the crate, because he sometimes gets so excited he ends up humping something (seriously, it’s not cool).

We have a blast, so I’m guessing that the boys will go nuts over the dance moves.  Julian (aka J-Man) already dances in front of the TV or to music.  He actually swirls his hips.  Miles (aka Smee) isn’t so suave as a dancer, but his gyrating back-and-forth moves tell me that the 80s are coming back.  And his smiles and laughs are precious.  There are classics (Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious) and new hits (Flo Rida’s Good Feeling).  Just Dance 4 will give us a way to celebrate the holiday together, at the same time, in sync.

 So what are you waiting for? Get up and show your stuff this holiday weekend! The kids will totally get a kick out of it! So much fun for any age!

You can purchase Just Dance 4 online at or

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  1. We love Just Dance! Actually we are playing it right now!

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