Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs!

How was your Thanksgiving?! Still eating leftovers? We had a blast hosting T.J’s older brother and his family. His twin boys and G had so much fun laughing and playing together. T.J. and I agree that is was the most relaxed holiday in a while and that’s saying a lot with three two year old running around. It was nice to really have no agenda and we ate while they all napped. 🙂

1. We went to an open house last weekend {house hunting fun} with my parents. While T.J. And I walked through the house with my dad, home builder/inspector extraordinar, my mom took G for a walk around the property. The whole time they were walking this huge yard with a white farm fence G kept saying,”no cow”. She decided we should make an offer based on the fact that there was no cow. I told T.J. We are going to either have to buy a farm or a cow…otherwise G won’t have it!

2. Again while my parents were here my dad asked G where daddy was. She lifted up her arm and motioned like she was putting on deodorant! 😉 Now she does it all the time with both arms!

3. When my parents left in Sunday to head back to Rhode Island we asked G where they were going. My dad has a squirrel that he leaves cereal and nuts for on the back deck. He had named this guy Bunky. G said that Grandma ad Papa went to feed Bunky! Ha! Where do they come up with this stuff?!

4. One of the cousins likes to scream really loud when he doesn’t get his way or is upset. Well usually when that happens G jumps because she isn’t use to it and doesn’t expect it. Well today he got it right back when she let out a big screech. He was totally stunned. You should have seen both their faces. It was like they were speaking their own language and made up. After that they were waving a laughing at one another.

5. I guess this year besides being thankful for all the obvious things on Thanksgiving we are also thankful for technology. Check out these pictures.



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  1. Haha- that is so funny that she wants a cow! That is hysterical! Haha that is so funny that they went to get bunky! Too cute! Look at them and their technological advances. That is awesome. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving my friend!

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